A couple of the first achievement badges that are seen on the Zwift achievement screen areĀ  Habitual, Addicted and Unemployed.

I didn’t know much about Zwift starting out but after trying out the free trial and getting the 3-day Habitual badge I figured I could keep going and get the 7-day Addicted badge.

I soon after got the 7-day and thought I’d go ahead and keep going for the 14-day Unemployed badge.

Somehow I missed a day. I was not amused. I went back and checked and sure enough I had not ridden on a day that I suppose I went to the gym and was just feeling like riding.

I was still only 7 days in on the system and likely did not realize that missing a day would affect my goal later on in the week.

This is probably the first badge I really had a goal of achieving. I figured that I should try for it early as later on I might get burned out of riding everyday and need a break.

So I kept riding each day until I thought I had the 14-day covered. As soon as the ride was over I assumed I would get the Addicted badge. No dice.

Unemployed Achievement Rules

I did some searching and found some confusing comments about how to achieve it.

Seems some folks were questioning what a Lap meant. It does say to ride a lap each day for 14 days. What is a lap? Do you have to ride a complete course or just hop on and go for a ride?

Others were saying the route had to be over 10k.

So for my second attempt at getting the Unemployed badge I re-started on Dec 21.

I rode what I assumed was a complete route each day. I would choose a route from the World Choice screen like normal.

Here are the dates and miles I rode:

  1. Dec 21 12.7
  2. Dec 22 14.4
  3. Dec 23 10.9
  4. Dec 24 13.3
  5. Dec 25 8.26
  6. Dec 26 11.9
  7. Dec 27 8.21
  8. Dec 28 4.21
  9. Dec 29 9.43
  10. Dec 30 9.48
  11. Dec 31 6.39
  12. Jan 1 8.92
  13. Jan 2 12.6
  14. Jan 3 5.94

Some of those days I rode an extra route.

Notice on the last day I didn’t achieve the 10K that some said was required for the badge.

So after I finished the route on January 3 I assumed I would get the achievement banner. It didn’t happen.

The next day when I logged on Zwift and started a ride I was presented with the below banner for the Unemployed achievement.