Harrogate Circuit

Rode the Yorkshire Harrogate 2019 UCI World’s Circuit.

I’m all about getting the badges at this point in my Zwift riding career. The Yorkshire world was on the docket so getting a chance to ride this World’s course seemed pretty enticing.

Plus the course was only around 8 miles. There are times when I can’t stay long on the trainer so these short courses fit my schedule perfectly.

Collecting these low hanging fruits is fun and great for leveling up. In just over a month or so I am now at level 9. I suspect the levels will get more difficult as I move through them.

This Harrogate route was fairly straightforward. No lead-in. Just an immediate start at 0.0 at the start/finish line.

Cross under the Harrogate line at 0.0 and away we go.

The first 5.5 miles offered a little over 600 feet of elevation change. There was also a KOM of the mountain you could go for. It took me about 5 minutes to manage the climb so it wasn’t very long.

I cannot for the life of me understand how folks are blasting their way through these KOM challenges. I go under the banner and it says at the rate of my riding it will take over twice as long as the fastest finisher on most KOMs. It’s insane how fast some people are on here.

The fastest finisher on this Harrogate route finished the KOM in just over 2 minutes. I was over 5 minutes.

Man, do I have work to do.

Around 7 miles you get to go for a sprint. I was able to get a personal record but the bar is set very low for me. I’m not much of a sprinter in this game at this point.

Again, like the KOM, the fastest finisher blasted through the sprint twice as fast as me.

30 minutes in and the thing is done. Nice route completion at 8.7 miles.

The course itself looks good. The graphics were nice. I enjoyed riding the circuit and could imagine how interesting it would be to ride it in the really real.

Seeing how I’m not likely to be in Yorkshire anytime with a bike in this lifetime this was a great option to see what a UCI World’s course was like.