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I think it is worth pointing out how much Democrats loathe America. At least the America that is self-determining and not reliant on their authoritarian rule.

Donald Trump’s first SOTU address was a barn burner. It was about as pro-America a speech has ever been given. “American’s are dreamers too”. Brilliant. Depending on what poll you read, 75-80% of the people who watched the SOTU approved.

While Trump outlined his accomplishments from the lowest black unemployment ever recorded to a raging stock market to higher wages and tax reform, Democrats sat on their hands like they were being fed a pile of shit on a platter.

Pelosi became an instant Twitter sensation frowning and sucking on her gums. Gutierrez was triggered by chants of “USA” in the House chamber and got up and left. The leftist Twitter celebrities became unglued and vented their frustration at Trump success with name calling and typical nonsense.

I sincerely hope that this is the Democrats reaction to Trump and the success that Middle America LOVES all the way through his second term.

The cultural divide between the pearl-clutching coastal elites and fly-over America just grew by an order of magnitude after watching the left’s performance. We see exactly who and what these people are.

They are in this for power and votes. They are blinded by their ideology. They want to control America their way because they don’t like you. The left is simmering because the policies of the right including lower taxes, reduced regulation and small(er) government is working.

See, these leftist malcontents would rather hold a grudge against the president than celebrate the success the country is now enjoying. It is petty and childish. It’s not about what is best for the country; rather it is what is best for their party and ideology.

The left is dragging itself further away from the center of America. They aren’t even pretending to be moderate. Marxist professors, liberal media, leftist celebrities and socialist politicians have a great deal of influence in today’s culture. However, the rest of America have no idea what they are doing and find their juvenile reactions to a president’s policies that they actually like to be pretty baffling.

As the country continues to succeed under Trump’s stewardship people will grow ever more nauseated at the constant bashing of him personally and of his administration. Democrats likely believe yelling into their echo chamber of hate to be viable solution at tweaking Trump and his followers. As the SOTU showed, people are getting much better at tuning out their nonsense and taking their winnings to the bank.