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Where there is a blessing there is usually a curse. We have a lovely driveway that is lined with mature maple trees. In the summer when the trees are at full bloom it is almost like you are driving through a tunnel of mystical vegetation. In the fall when the foliage makes its last stand it is difficult to marvel at the changing colors when you are knee deep in dead refuse. I decided to record the changing seasons with tree photography.

A Year of Tree Photography

After a year of living in Providence Pines, so-called due to the 80 foot stand of impending branch snapping death lining the front of our property, we were impressed with the natural changes provided by the Maple trees. Why the family did not choose something groovy to name our property like Maples of Morris I cannot say. I digress.

Anyway, as my wife noticed my daily march out to the middle of the yard to set up yet another cloud time-lapse she suggested I do the same with the Maple drive. “What would a year long time-lapse look like as the trees bloom and die?” I dunno. But for a year I trudged outside and took a single photo at the end of my drive into the driveway forest. I missed few days but, you know, when you see one bare December tree you’ve pretty much seen them all until mid-March. And conversely when you have a full bloom of leafy action in the summer, one day really does not stand out from the other for about four months. But photograph I did.

Frankly, the time-lapse is pretty quick especially given I don’t have exactly 365 files to process but more like 250. But more interesting are these individual photos representing the various seasons.

We really do live in a magical place. Every time I walk, ride, run or drive into our little woodland it makes me smile.