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No, not the dog. That dog is wonderful. She is one of two foster dogs we are caring for.

Blogging confusion is where I half-assed rebooted this blog last year with the intention of trying to convert it to some kind of photographic/travel/freelance money portal showcasing any talent that I thought I had for clients in need of my dubious services.

Reading that first sentence it’s obvious I won’t be partaking in any freelance writing opportunities anytime soon. My photography is lacking any skill that would require payment and I really don’t travel much.

Blogging Failure

So, screw it. I’m just going to write stuff to off load my thoughts in 2018 and stop thinking that my creative inclinations will create any monetary glory.

Photography is a hobby that I can’t seem to wrap my interest around. Like everyone I am a photographer and would like to be paid for my art. Unfortunately the reality is that it is likely not going to happen.

I really need to be okay with that and enjoy it for the hobby it is. I put too much pressure on myself to be a success in something that I’m about as competent in as any other average photographer.

That’s why I’m ripping down this site as some kind of photography blog and returning it to its full glory of utter nonsense. It’s more fun that way and maybe photography will stop being an Instagram attention grind.

The other half of this blog was to assist in my endeavor to capture freelance writing gigs. I signed up for a course to learn how to market into this space. The idea was to find a niche to begin writing for then branch out into other opportunities. Given that I had no online portfolio or work to present to a prospective master I decided to re-purpose Lost Ball to be that vehicle.

What could be better than creating a portfolio of words for my portfolio of photos?

Along with populating this blog I decided to create a writing portfolio on Hubpages. That was interesting as they validated my brilliance by awarding all my articles an upgrade onto their niche specific network.

Unfortunately despite my best efforts and the front page coverage from the article network nobody read them. No eyeballs equaled no revenue sharing either.

I understand fully that success takes time and blah, blah, blah. The idea for writing information essays to build a portfolio in the hopes that it will give me opportunity in the future quickly disinterested me.

I find them boring on the popular photography sites so there is no reason to think that they would find any better reception on this blog.

Blogging for the Joy of Writing

All this to say that for the three people who read this blog it will return to my own stream of consciousness. I’m done trying to shoehorn this sewage into some money-making enterprise.

So what is this? I don’t know. I’m just going to write and see what comes out. I just know I want to be consistent and try to arrange some words on a regular basis.

I hope I can sidestep any descents into the political morass that we currently find ourselves absorbed in. I have plenty of opinions on the matter but I don’t particularly subscribe to either of the well grouped tribes of record in these United States. All that matters to me is freedom. I will from time to time explore why that doesn’t seem to matter to citizens of America any more.

People all over the social media I subscribe to were collectively sighing in relief at the demise of 2017. I almost succumbed to the same mental drudgery until I thought about how my family and I are healthy. I am employed. The people I love are alive and we remain blessed throughout 2017.

Does anything else really matter?

People look at their lives through the lens of government theater. Those lives that were great under Obama all of a sudden became a struggle under Trump. What exactly changed? Nothing in my life drastically changed between emperors.

All I know is that the crushing impact of government in my life was the same under Bush as it was under Obama and remains the same under Trump. Unfortunately people are consumed with their side winning the battle of government largess.

So in closing, any visitor will likely find articles wrapped around all sorts of topics. Since photography seems to be something that I enjoy partaking in I suppose I will still create many articles about my photography interests. This blog may not be a monument to photography but it will certainly be an off loading port of any ideas I have for the hobby.