“Why have I not gotten an achievement after riding The Highland in Zwift’s New York World?”

I haven’t been on Zwift long enough to understand a lot of the rules for achieving badges in the game. Still in Level 8 I decided to tackle The Highland which is in the New York World Choice.

The ride basically keeps the rider elevated above Manhattan on this glass surface roadway. The graphics are pretty great.

When you log into Zwift, assuming New York is the course available for the day , you can choose The Highland as your route.

It looks pretty reasonable. 6.5 miles with 587 feet of climbing. A nice 10k spin I thought.

I rode the route, climbed up to the KOM banner and…nothing. No achievement unlocked. I rode back down the the other side and was over 8 miles.

Pissed, I just stopped riding. Why was there no achievement unlocked?

I did a little investigation and found that this route is notorious for a long run in. From the screenshot below, my ride in was 2.4 miles before The Highland route even started.

That is whole lot more riding than the 6.5 miles you assume you will be doing.

Begin The Highland Climb at 2.4 Miles

Ride over the KOM start and away you go already at 2.4 miles. Enjoy the view and just keep on grinding.

The KOM banner is at the top of The Highland at 6.0 miles.

This is where I made the mistake of assuming I would get the achievement. No dice. The screenshot below is me passing through the KOM.

No celebratory congratulations.

I kept going past 6.5 miles and then for another couple miles and did not get the achievement.

Getting Back to The Highland KOM Start

 Time to circle around and do this climb again for The Highland badge.

At 6.2 miles I got a notice that I would be taking the Sky Loop.

At 6.5 miles I got a notice that I would be taking the Sky Loop Reverse.

This is all downhill so it’s fast and fun.

At 7.4 miles, I started climbing again and was given notice that I would be climbing toward the KOM Arch again.

Still not at the KOM line yet at 8.7 miles, thought it did let me know that I was on route to the KOM Arch.

Second Time Up The Highland at 8.9 Miles

At 8.9 miles I begin my ascent up the The Highland again. For me another 8-9 minutes climbing this beast. I’ve already been in the saddle for 36 minutes.

I see on the left of the screen some animal sprints up this climb in 3 minutes.

I just don’t have that kind of strength in these old bones anymore. I’m getting a great workout and feel like I’m improving more each day. But 3 minutes? Nah. Never happen.


The Highland Route Complete

At 9.7 miles I finally completed The Highland.

This is a far cry from the 6.5 miles advertised on the World Choice  Route Screen in Zwift.

It took 45 minutes to complete and was over 1,000 feet of climbing. The World Choice screen said it would be 587 ft.

I think Zwift needs a better way of keeping track of the route characteristics.

Like in the game I have no idea if I am still on track for the achievement or not. I don’t know how much I have left to ride because it doesn’t take into account the ride in.

Plus it does not keep track of anything for the route while you’re riding. Letting me know that I’m X miles from the finish for the achievement would be nice.

Now that I know what’s going on it’s not that big of a deal. I still love the ride and even if you don’t achieve the badge there are still tons of little achievements you acquire.

For instance, I am riding the distance of California so any miles added is great.

I’m riding for a badge for consecutive days riding a lap.

I have weekly time and distance goals to achieve.

The more time on the bike the quicker to the next level.

And it’s nice getting extra points so I can upgrade at some point in the future.

Don’t Stop at the Top

I’ve learned after Level 7 or 8 that if I’m at the top of the mountain for a route, to just ride down the other side of the hill or mountain.

There is no reason to just stop at the top and get an achievement or whatever. The ride down is fast and easy.

You will add to your calorie, time and mileage totals for other parts of the game.

I grabbed an 2.5 extra miles at low watts just riding back down The Highland route and cooling off for 5 minutes.

The Highland Badge Finale

The Highland can be confusing. Or maybe it’s just me. I did see a couple of folks wondering about it in a forum so it has thrown others off too.

Hopefully this guide will help someone keep on track and not get discouraged when they realize that it takes two trips up the glass roadway to get the badge.

I’m learning tons of stuff about Zwift. Seems everyday it’s something new.