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Photography is the only hobby that I am currently involved in that has such a mass of snobbery. Blog authors that try to write entertaining, informative and interesting posts, like most people writing for the web sewage in various disciplines, set themselves up for ridicule and belittling. It’s no longer enough to have a civil discourse. Nay, we have to WIN!

This weeks blast from garbage hep comes from an interesting article voicing their opinion on micro 4/3 cameras over their full-frame big brothers. I recently just moved over from a crop sensor DSLR to the m4/3 party. I love it. I really don’t care that much about what other people shot with. It’s interesting to know how a shot was taken and all but even if I had I had the most expensive, best gear, my shots and video wouldn’t be any different that what I’m shooting with now. Anyway, I certainly wouldn’t be belittling people for doing it different.

So without further ado let’s see what decent looks like from those lugging around full-frames in regards to those poor saps who prefer m4/3.

Snobby Saturday 1 - p1

Right to the point. Troll on my good man. Troll on.

Snobby Saturday 1 - p2

15 paragraphs to point out how the author had written complete nonsense in his opinion. And he was bored.

Snobby Saturday 1 - p3

A troll questioning the author’s intelligence and skill.

Snobby Saturday 1 - p4

Right, except what makes his opinion wrong?

Snobby Saturday 1 - p5

1st class snobbery. Well done.

Snobby Saturday 1 - p6

Nailed it with top-level snobbery.

Snobby Saturday 1 - p7

Apparently bad because they didn’t agree with his choice of gear.

Snobby Saturday 1 - p8

Interesting to me when people finds an article utterly unacceptable to their very being yet spend precious moments pointing out how it was a wast of time and they didn’t enjoy it. And why not throw in an insult too, because, you know…Internet.

And finally a reasoned observation:

Snobby Saturday 1 - p9

Indeed and well said.

Until next time more snobbery breaks out…