This is the awesome part of creating a newly installed website and chunking it into the web sewage. No website traffic. Why would that be? Because Google still rules your site traffic. If your search engine ranking sucks then so goes your shitty piece of Internet portal.

You start ripping out fabulous ideas into perfectly organized collection of words. Yoast SEO plugin applauds your fine effort with a double shot of circular green on your dashboard.

Holding on to your chair with one hand while you push Post with the other knowing the Google bots arejust waiting for your awesomeness.

Man that felt good. You chuckle to yourself over the resulting search engine ranking you are going to achieve that will blow up the Inter-webs.

Google Bot Boogie

Smugly you give the Google bot a few minutes to visit your site. Greatness like yours will take a moment before the search engine ranking bots review your neatly arranged collection of words. You head into the kitchen for a cup of caffeine thinking about where your post will land in the search rankings. The keyword tool said “Great” on your choice of phrasing. It will likely land top 5 you think. You gotta stay humble.

You take a sip and return to your well-worn chair giving your post another self-satisfying read.

Time to check the search engine ranking. Google has had enough time to evaluate how brilliant this article is. Right?

TypingEnter…What the…The article is not listed on the first page…or the second…

Wait. The article is not even indexed…What in the…The SITE IS NOT EVEN INDEXED!?!

Holy crap. This thing was built two days ago. Fabulous content was written!? (You palm your face into utter despair)…this was not how it was supposed to work..

Two Realities of Search Ranking and Traffic

<A week later>

Oh good the domain is listed in Google when it’s typed in their stupid search engine box. Yay.

All those articles written each day this past week are still not listed. Social media procedures were subsequently followed. Followers and likes and +1’s have been collected. Nothing is happening.

Haven’t made a sale yet either!? This is stupid.

All this work and it’s a failure. It’s been over a week now…

You now have two potential plans of actions.

A is to have patience in the search engine ranking lottery and keep writing stupid articles that nobody cares about.

B is to give up.

<3 months later – Plan A>

30 visitors a day are finally coming. An affiliate program or two might be installed this week. Huge sacrifice to keep motivated to write articles each week but the efforts are paying off. Most are getting readily indexed. A number of them are even ranked top 10. Some of the posts in Google Plus are even getting ranked. The social game is paying off with over 300 followers in Google Plus along with a staggering 500 on Pinterest. Instagram is taking longer to pay off but the lesson learned is to never give up.

<3 months later – Plan B>

Fuck it. Bought a new controller for Fortnite.