Pinterest search engine is actually a thing. My renaissance in adding waste into the sewage otherwise known as the World Wide Web continues. Unfortunately I struggle to find value in spending time creating content to float by most denizens’ sphere of attention.

I long ago realized that being added to Google listing of search links for user discovery was mostly a waste of hope. As such, I am currently regarding Pinterest search engine tactics as more useful.

Pinterest Search Engine Gives Content a Boost

Thousands of mommy and lifestyle bloggers have somewhat figured out that the key to unlock content consumption is to drop a lovely graphic rectangle onto a Pinterest board. Pinterest is well regarded as a social media board to many bored surfers.

There is little social about it. Nobody interacts with one another.

You make a bunch of boards, mind your SEO natch, and drop graphic laden pins into it. Your #1 hope is that people will click your pin to be redirected to your website so you can sell them some shit. If that fails then you hope that your follower repins that bitch onto their board.

They get to fill their board with crap and you get another opportunity for one of their followers to click your pin link. All the while this nonsense is going on the Pinterest search engine is crunching its algorithm to determine how important you and your pin are.

When people go on Pinterest and search for whatever gives them joy your pin just might be presented for them to click or repin. I determined during my Pinterest search engine study that it will indeed drive traffic to whatever you have linked to.

Scammy Pinterest Internet Marketers

I also discovered that like the Google search engine hucksters of a decade ago the same Internet marketing bullshit exists with Pinterest.

Quite a large number of SEO, mommy and lifestyle bloggers are marketing themselves as Pinterest experts. It’s easier to sell the shovels than to actually lift the dirt.

They have created courses and ebooks to sell to the hapless make money online herd. Many have apparently collected fat stacks of cash from their efforts.

During my research into utilizing the Pinterest search engine I rolled into numerous SEO/lifestyle blogs that promised success with Pinterest. I even lifted a few bucks out of my wallet to see if one knew anything more than I could figure out on my own. I should have bought a ticket to the movies.

There is not a lot to Pinterest. The thing that makes it different is that people actually buy shit from the pins. And SEO is lot simpler on the Pinterest search engine than it is trying to compete with Google’s authority links.

Step-by-Step for Pinterest Traffic

Getting noticed on Pinterest is rather easy. Here goes.

  1. Your profile description should be a SEO beast. Plug in keyword phrases with glee. This ain’t Google and their Panda, Penguin, Pigeon, animal cracker algorithm penalties.
  2. Create a bunch of boards. Most of these Pinterest guberus say 15 should do it. I don’t know if it matters. But make sure you cram the board title and description with some decent SEO laden verbage. Make some spiffy board covers. It’s best if there is some symmetry between all your covers.
  3. Take a spin around the neighborhood for a few days and pin some popular pins into your boards. The guberus say to do this periodically through the day. 10 at a whack should do it.
  4. Getting followers sucks. They say to just follow the limit, likely 100, each day of people in your niche. Search your niche, grab the pull down arrow to “people”. Click one of the disks of someone you dig. Click their “Followers”. Start following those assholes. Maybe a couple will follow you back. Or do what I do and basically play this game until you get 500 or so and stop. Fuck if I care how many people follow me. I’m more interested in people finding my pins and pinning them.
  5. Claim your website. This will give you some snazzy analytics. I’ve done it with two blogs. One I host. One I borrow from The one I host I uploaded an HTML file. The other I simply added the meta tag data into the site verification services (Setting->Traffic). Yes, these are two different Pinterest accounts.
  6. Enable rich pins. This will enrich the bounty of information provided onto pins you own.
  7. Create decent looking pins. Like everyone says to do, go to Canva and start creating pins using their Pinterest Graphic template. Over time you’ll figure out which design works best. Anyway, you’ll want to spend a few hours figuring out how this deal works because I don’t have time to show you nor do I really use Canva anyway.
  8. Load those newly created pins into Pinterest. Make sure your SEO description is mindblowing.
  9. If you are really lucky you’ll have some Group Boards to pile them into. But because these are closely held secrets that no one wants to share good luck finding relevant ones for your niche.
  10. I primarily use Tailwind Tribes to try and get other people to share my pins. Fuck if I care to explain this nonsense in this blog post. Basically I find it a waste of time and no better than just manually adding a couple pins straight onto the Pinterest search engine. But hell, guberus swear by this thing. Study up and give it a whirl.
  11. I create affiliate marketing pins. Depending if your design and copy is worth a shit you can make a few bucks diverting the weak out of the herd and onto your offer. Create a groovy Pinterest graphic, upload it, add your affiliate link as the website, SEO the shit out of the description and drop it into a fabulous board. With any luck you’ll make a buck. I drop a couple affiliate pins a day. Apparently Pinterest will penalize spammers so don’t overdo it.
  12. I also create pins for my blog posts. Same deal. I create a graphic pin regarding the blog topic. I upload it and put the blog URL on the pin and SEO the shit out of the description. Obviously you can do this for the garbage you are selling on your website. Point the pins to your product and collect fat stacks of cash.

Here‘s a couple of others things that might help. Or not. Fuck if I know really. And I doubt anyone outside of the Pinterest search engine algorithm team knows either:

  • Share good pins. If you have to, create a decent description even if it’s not yours. Pinterest likely appreciates it if you are pinning popular pins. One way to make good looking pins popular is for them to have good SEO whether the creator knows shit about that or not.
  • Apparently there is a thing about whether to remove poorly performing pins or not. If you get tired of a pin get rid of it. If it’s not performing delete it. I just don’t know if I’d make a huge effort deleting pins. Seems counter-intuitive given the idea is to pin and repin things you like. I got pins on some of my boards that probably mean shit to anyone but me. I’m not deleting them.
  • Don’t over-think Pinterest and let guberus get in your head. They are just trying to sell some coaching shit. Create some banging graphic rectangles (Canva provides the optimal size) and SEO the shit out of them. Share and share-alike and you’ll likely do okay playing the Pinterest search engine game.
  • Have patience. Man, everyone thinks that Internet marketing success happens overnight. You’ll be lucky to make a dollar in 6 months.

I get more traffic to my blog posts from Pinterest than I do from Google. The Pinterest search engine is real.

Cracking the goldmine that lifestyle bloggers swear is a thing for affiliate pins is proving more difficult.

Bottom line: If you are going to create a website or blog and you want visitors before the next eclipse, you don’t have to wait on Google to possibly rank your content at their convenience.

The Pinterest search engine can divert some web sewage your way pretty quick. My opinion on all those SEO, mommy and lifestyle bloggers trying to make a buck as coaches and marketers is to spend your money elsewhere.

Pinterest ain’t that damn difficult. Reverse engineer some decent accounts in your niche.

Because I am feeling generous this morning I will drop a few links I found useful during my research of the Pinterest search engine.

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