I started a crappy new blog last month. If not for Pinterest search I would have zero traffic.

This is not unexpected, of course, as Google will not rank anything on this blog for months, maybe even a year from now. Maybe never. You have to be extremely consistent and deliver stacks of word collections these days to get anything of value ranked in the search engine.

It’s very disconcerting to create a website and not have anyone visit for months at a time. That’s where Pinterest helps to give your narcissism a nice boost of movement.

I think I created a blog post a while back on what you have to do to get Pinterest search traffic.

If you are unsure how to do this then there are tens of thousands of lifestyle and mommy bloggers dying to sell you their crappy little pdf or course on how to build Pinterest traffic. Here’s the gist of what I did:

  1. I wrote a blog post, natch.
  2. I created a flashy pin in Canva.
  3. I posted that pin in a couple of Tailwind tribes.
  4. I posted that pin in a group board I was allowed to join.

That’s it.

A couple of days later I noticed a bump in my stats. It lasted a few days and has steadily died down. Rinse and repeat.

Not every blog post will be successful. Not every pin will get noticed.

Note that the only interest from Google was the bot that came by to see if anything was happening. I guess it visits, makes a check mark in its database and carries on to the next blog of billions.

Pinterest is the only thing keeping me interested in this game.

I posted a few pins that linked directly to affiliate offers and made a couple of sales. This related to my blog niche but had nothing to do with my blog per se. It obviously related to my Pinterest profile which, of course, claims my blog.

There is virtually no way you are going to make any money via Google unless you pay for it over the first 6 months or so of a new blog.

The same cannot be said for Pinterest.

You can create a direct to affiliate program pin. You can create a pin to your article chock full of sales crap. Either method has the potential to bring in money.

Linking direct to an affiliate offer obviously has little to do with your blog. If you want the traffic to your blog then you would want to link that pin to your blog first. I really don’t care. I do both.

I link directly to affiliate offers and I link back to my blog. Sometimes I get lucky and get a sell.

The more pins you post the bigger your Pinterest profile gets which encourages more people to follow. Which gives you the potential to have your pins shared further in Pinterest search listings.

Pinterest search traffic is satisfying as you wait for any movement in Google. It is not some easy money making deal. For every 10 pins that I post maybe 2 will get any traction whether I post in Groups or Tailwind Tribes.

You can’t just expect to post one pin for your fabulous collection of words and get a big bounce in Pinterest search traffic. It might happen but like most things on the Internet it will likely be ignored.

Affiliate pins are even more dire unless your profile has tens of thousands of followers. Even then, you are still up against the average click-through-rate of 3% or lower.

But at least Pinterest search traffic gets you in the game sooner than waiting on Google to recognize your efforts.

Nothing about this game is easy. Nothing.