I get almost no traffic from Google for any of my niche blogs that I have built in the first 6-9 months.

It’s really atrocious but there it is. I know some people talk about getting traffic in less than 6 months, I suppose pimping themselves out with guest posts or something. I have no interest in writing more shit for other people’s blog.

These days I get nothing from Google nor do I ever expect to. Free Pinterest traffic is where it’s at for me.

For instance, this is the traffic from a month old blog. I created a few pins for a specific post and dropped it into Tailwind. Posting into the Tribes is realy groovy. I’m also a member of a group or two on Pinterest and schedule a pin to be submitted into those as well.

The tribes are the best I think as people are always looking for some pins to schedule. The groups are supposedly the greatest if you listen to Pinterest lifestyle bloggers but I don’t think it does that much for me.

Tailwind and their tribes is how to get free Pinterest traffic to your content.

Check it:

91 hits from Pinterest. You’re thinking, so what? This is one post, one day.

Those Google hits are bullshit bots.

Each day since April 29 I continue to get 40,50,70 hits just from that one post. All because of some stupid-ass pin I posted.

Ubersuggest says that I would be lucky to get 500 visits from Google for that keyword if I was ranked #1 in Google. Yet here I am on Pinterest getting the traffic. And I’m not waiting 6 months for Google to give a shit.

Don’t think that is the only post I have pinned on Pinterest either.

In fact, I only create a niche site if it will work on Pinterest. Pets, photography, celebrities, crafts…yea, they work. The only thing that I can’t make work is Internet Marketing.

You can’t get anybody interested in your game because everybody is already in the game.

Other niches work just fine and sling traffic into your niche blog.

The best thing is that with this free Pinterest traffic I can create a traffic funnel to collect emails just like in the 30-day challenge.

Think about it. All those visits and many of them get dropped onto an email list that is ultimately funnels into an affiliate offer.

You can make some money online using a funnel package and Pinterest. Try the One Funnel Away Challenge and tell me I’m wrong.

I’ve dabbled, poorly, in Facebook ads recently. I’d really like to crack that nut because I believe that is where the big(ger) money is to be made than scraping for free search traffic.

But until that day comes free Pinterest traffic is good enough for my niche blogs.