Pinterest affiliate marketing is a rather dubious way to make money.

Mommy and lifestyle bloggers populate Pinterest in vast numbers. If you’ve ever bothered taking a read of their collection of word offerings you will find they love to promote Pinterest internet marketing.

Can you make money? Maybe.

Now I personally like the idea of affiliate marketing. There is money to be made.

However, it is not remotely easy. Don’t believe the hype.

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Requires Traffic

You have to have tons of traffic to make it worthwhile. Pinterest can give you that traffic.

I came across a marketing mantra a while back that said that for every 100 people that see your offer you can expect 3 to click on it. Of that 3 you might get 1 to make a purchase. That is the ideal. If your click-through rate sucks worse than 3% then you will have problems making sales.

Now, where does Pinterest internet marketing come into play? There are a lot of people mindlessly dropping pins all over the place. The idea is to put your affiliate link into a well crafted, well-desired pin. Hopefully, that pin will get re-pinned across multiple boards giving you the chance that someone will click your pin link.

Sounds easy.

Like most affiliate marketing efforts you have to have the right niche to promote into.

Having a large number of followers is the key to running a successful Pinterest affiliate marketing program. Yes, you can spray a bunch of affiliate rich pins onto your boards and group boards but you should work to have a number of quality followers.

Why? Followers will re-pin and maybe those that are more likely to click your affiliate links.

Affiliate Programs to Promote


If you’ve ever purchased some stupid Make Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Book then you will find almost the first program that they say to use is ShopStyle. This is great if you want to venture into massive pin competition with fashion bloggers. The good news is there is a huge audience for women’s fashion items. The bad news is everyone is doing it.

I have tried to market ShopStyle. I think those that are ultimately successful post what they are wearing. They are fashion bloggers or influencers on Instagram.

Just dropping a bunch of pins into your boards or using Tailwind to schedule a bunch of fashion and style pins is not exactly an easy way to succeed. I see people doing it all over Pinterest.

I would assume those that are successful with this method would have a large number of active followers on their board.

ShopStyle allows you to get paid from clicks or commission through sales. Anybody can do the clicks. It pays pennies. Having your application approved to get commissions is where it’s at. You need a great social media presence and/or website to play.


My favorite is Shareasale.

It is pretty easy to get accepted into most of the programs. It’s pretty easy to create a link for your pin. I surf the program’s website and find what I want to promote. Then I take that URL back into Shareasale and create a link. That link will have my affiliate information embedded in it. I post that into the pin. If some joker clicks that link and then ultimately buys something then I get a commission.

There are a lot of moving parts in that scenario.

You have to figure out what niche to promote. Create a pin that will get noticed and re-pinned. You need a lot of traffic. You need someone that wants to make that purchase. And to be effective you gotta do it over and over, day after day.

Amazon Affiliates

Should you use Amazon? Now that is the question, isn’t it? As far as I can tell there is still contradictory information on this. Just don’t do it. You know what? Let’s not give Amazon any more money!


Clickbank is another great affiliate program. Problem is you cannot post direct links from Clickbank into Pinterest. They classify it as spam.

I can’t disagree as there is a lot of crap in Clickbank. A lot of crap that people love to buy. Make money online, SEO strategies, blogging, etc., are all popular.

If you want to Pin Clickbank affiliate offers you will have to create a landing page on your blog or website. Pin the Pin URL to that landing page and then hope they click off your webpage onto your offer.

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Ideas

Believe it or not men like to use Pinterest. The only problem is they don’t make purchases. That is why women are the focus of hard marketing on Pinterest. Apparently, as they surf the site and pin and re-pin items they can’t resist buying a handy craft pen or high heel shoes.

I have been able to drive traffic to my website from both men and women so if your game is traffic via Pinterest SEO then that is certainly worthwhile.

Just don’t expect men to click into many affiliate links on Pinterest in vast numbers.

Women spend a ton of time on these types of boards. If you want a chance at making money with Pinterest affiliate marketing then these should be your focus.

Fashion – The most obvious. Tons of options here from shoes, dresses, jewelry, handbags, etc. ShopStyle is your jam. Create boards on each topic and pin and re-pin like a fiend. Best if used with personal style experience on Instagram and/or blog.

Crafts and DIY – I asked my wife if scrapbooking was still a thing. Back in the day, we made tons of money with scrapbook affiliate programs. Tons. Like, get a kid through school tons. Google changes ended that ride and we didn’t adapt. There are tons of other craft options that you can find on Shareasale. Heck, maybe you can make a solid go of scrapbooking stuff.

Cooking – My wife, my daughters and their friends are obsessed with cooking TV. You can create a mountain of Pinterest boards on cooking. Chicken dishes. Healthy dishes. Pots. Pans. Aprons. Appliances. Just load them up. Direct the traffic to your Amazon shopping affiliate website or direct link to affiliate offers.

Mommy bloggers – I guess this could be an offshoot of fashion. Maternity, baby and toddler clothes could be directly marketed. Create boards based on your children’s style. I don’t know this is not my jam but these type of boards are very popular.

Frugal bloggers – Saving money and being frugal is a huge thing on Pinterest. I would do a search and try to find affiliate programs that frugal bloggers have set up. There are tons of course on saving money and frugal living. Also, coupon saving, grocery and food related and discount deal affiliate programs can also be promoted on your pins.

These are the obvious boards or Pinterest accounts that get a ton of traffic with women. There are plenty more. Just use your imagination.

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Best Practices

Disclosure – You have to disclose each pin that you are a direct link to an affiliate marketing offer. It’s the FTC rule and is also best practices as far as Pinterest is concerned. You aren’t going to trick someone into clicking into an affiliate link when they think the link is something else. All you have to do is add #afflink in your pin description.

Pin title – Make it a good one. Make it informative and clear. Pinterest is going to use this when people search for your keyword. If you are promoting “Jessica Simpson high heels” then make sure that is in the title. Using “High Heels You’ll Love” is just not going to cut it.

Pin description – You need to make good use of the description field. Plug the keyword phrases that you want the Pinterest search engine to use to index your pin. This is the one place that you can really plug in a bunch of phrases that describe your pin. Make this description really awesome.

Mimic the title and add some more detail. “Jessica Simpson Goofy high heels in black. Jessica Simpson stilettos for evening dresses. Shoes by Jessica Simpson for jeans.” Something like that.

Slow your roll – I’m not sure if there is a maximum number of affiliate pins that Pinterest allows. I guarantee that there is a limit to how many your followers will want to see. Keep it reasonable. I don’t post more than 5 of my own pins in any one day. I add a number of other people’s pins to mix it up. Pinterest likes that interaction.

Tailwind – Everyone says to use a scheduler to pin. I reckon it’s helpful but after you get through your free pins you will be paying up. It’s nice to be able to pin into Tribes. These tribes have the option of pinning you pin into their boards. It gets you in the game more.

You don’t need Tailwind necessarily. It’s easy enough to use your phone app and drop a handful of pins onto your boards at lunch. Create a couple and post them into your own boards using the affiliate links. Posting into groups, if you can find them and get accepted is just as good or better than using Tribes.

There are plenty of Pinterest blog posts that love, love, love to talk about tailwind. I’d hit them up if you are interested in scheduling your pins. Some folks swear by it. I really don’t care.

Short links – It’s not happening. Pinterest won’t post your pin if you try to use or something.

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing With No Website

You can certainly pin affiliate links onto your Pinterest boards without having a blog or website. It’s probably not the best idea.

For one, you will not be hard linking to Clickbank products. If you want to promote ebooks, software and other electronic goods then you would want to create landing pages on your website that are linked from your pins.

The other thing is you can collect emails from your website.

What happens if/when Pinterest changes the site and all your hard working affiliate pins stop working?

I have seen a similar thing happen when Google changed its algorithms and tons of affiliate sites got hammered. Those folks that were collecting emails could just keep right on promoting stuff for people to buy through their newsletters.

Do Both With and Without a Website

Frankly, I do both. I post affiliate pins that have nothing to do with any website. Spray and pray as it were. It works for some niches. Others it doesn’t. It depends how much effort you put into your boards and pin titles and descriptions. You just have to figure out what works and stick with it until it doesn’t.


You can make money with Pinterest affiliate marketing. It not as easy as many Pinterest course marketers would have you believe. Then again if you find the right niche to promote and get your pins looking right then you have a good chance of making some coin.

For me, Pinterest affiliate marketing is part of a larger affiliate marketing operation that I try to do. Pinterest is great for traffic and that is what I primarily use it for.

I much prefer driving traffic to my website and blogs through keyword rich pins. Once I have a visitor on my site I have more options available. Sometimes there is Adsense to click. I can send them to an affiliate offer. Email is ripe for the capture.