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Getting and staying motivated in photography can be a chore. Now I know many folks are like, well if you love photography you wouldn’t have to find the motivation to go out and shoot something. Point taken. However, creative photography isn’t my first choice in the lineup of hobbies nor is it something I do for money.

Creative Photography as a Hobby

I work every day at an 8-5 grind that leaves me just wanting to slog through traffic each day to get home. My first love is cycling and if I have time or feel like it I will hop on the bike for a ride after work. Given a choice between a challenging bike ride and taking photos I will choose to get on my bike every ride

So already creative photography comes in second.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t have an interest. In fact, I spend more time learning about photography and editing through videos and blogs that I ever have with cycling. I’d rather do cycling than watch. I hardly watch any cycling videos. But I don’t mind watching tutorials on the art of photography at all.

I guess a good and imaginative photographer can find something to photograph pretty much anywhere they are. For me, trouble is I live in suburbia. There are only so many photos of landscape flowers and backyard animals I desire to take.


The main issue is that I am fairly lazy during the week. I abhor traveling around the metro city area by car. The congestion is maddening. I just want to go to work, get it done and come home. The last thing I care to do is get back in the car during rush hour and, in particular, drive down to the city and walk around for street style shots. Driving out into the country to take landscape photos around here interests me little. The topography is fairly boring.

Photography Takes Effort

So it takes effort to enjoy photography. My go-to photography is taking shots for events whether that is church or school. I enjoy candid photography of people and can typically get a few decent photos. Some of my favorite photos have been those of students during their musicals or plays and the mission trips I’ve been on with the church.

Parents appreciate me taking quality photos of their children’s performance and I’ve certainly appreciated doing it for both my children anyway. Documenting church mission trips to Bolivia and Honduras has been rewarding. I enjoy doing it and the church and diocese appreciate the videos and photos.

I think I need to find a niche that I can do around my home. Certainly there are a lot of things that I can do to practice the craft. It’s just a matter of motivation. Maybe I can create stop motion videos. Play around with filters with my kid. Practice lighting inside especially given that my home has terrible natural light. Maybe try out a little panorama fun with the kid.

panaroma fun