The One Funnel Away Challenge Week 2 came and went. I didn’t have much time to write about it. This ClickFunnels training is kicking my butt trying to keep up.

Week 1 of the Challenge we went through offer hacking your competitors and creating the assets to be used in the funnel like lead magnets and the training you are going to sell.

Week 2 was all about publishing and creating your origin story using something they call the “Epiphany Bridge”. It also talked about how to develop hooks. I didn’t do much of any of it.

The One Funnel Away Challenge Week 2 encouraged folks to publish their origin story. They provided basically a script, the Epiphany Bridge script, and you are supposed to tell the user why you are selling the product. What’s the backstory. What did you want to accomplish? What’s your struggles. Etc.

I didn’t do that. A lot of people did and published these cringy videos on Facebook. I give these folks props for having the courage to do it, but it was mostly awful.

Most people didn’t even go into their product and why they are selling it. They just went into their life story. Big difference.

There is something to this though. To be able to tell a story about why you are selling or providing the service that you are is a great way to engage your audience.

I talked with a mentor that I have in the Challenge about my story. He gave me some great ideas that i can use for video and podcasts in my chosen niche.

Finally at the end of the week they discussed the hook. For every story you tell there are numerous hooks in the story. Each hook has a story as well. It’s all about story and hook. A very effective marketing tool.

Now, for me, I am pretty much behind in the challenge. Not having a product or service certainly doesn’t help. I’m left sort of learning the material without a plan to implement anything.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I publish via blogs. But I knew I was likely going to punt on creating a podcast and video. That is actually okay but I know in the long run I am going to have to do some video and voice. It’s just where the market is heading.

Nobody gives a crap about about blogs. At least those under, say, 30. Websites are the de-facto default in online content but that is going to change I think.

So many people are using their smartphone today to consume content. Nobody wants to read a blog on their small screen. But they love listening to podcasts and watching videos.

Plus, a bonus tip for you, have you noticed the content that Google is serving on the search pages? Those quick snippets at the top of the page are destroying any incentive for anybody to click into webpages. Fucking Google is hijacking people’s content for their own good.

Anyway, I write. I need to define my origin story on my niche blog. I can probably write it better than I can record myself on video or do a podcast. The Challenge enphasized how important this step is. I have largely ignored it.

Has the course been worth the $100? Yea, it has.

Frankly the course is a masterclass in marketing. Even if you never had an interest to anything with ClickFunnels there is a ton of information to help you to sell shit.