The One Funnel Away Challenge Week 4 was the weakest of all the training. This was where we learned how to get traffic to the newly installed funnel.

This was nowhere near as fun as funnel building in week 3 of the 30-Day Challenge.

Getting traffic to your funnel can be a nightmare. You either have to pay, beg or have organic means to get people to visit your offer funnel.

I hate the thought of paying Facebook or Google for the privilege of getting traffic to my products. So that leaves begging influencers to work with you or using organic means. I typically choose organic methods to get traffic to my website. Pinterest still seems to work okay. Actually it works really good.

Unfortunately the training didn’t really go into driving organic traffic to your newly created funnel. Of course all the usual suspects of creating a YouTube channel, assisting people on Quora and flogging Google SEO still applies. I still work hard to get folks on Pinterest to my properties.

The Dream 100 for Funnel Traffic

The Dream 100 is what they promote the most. And it’s likely the most powerful…assuming you have a powerful message to bring to the conversation. A beginner affiliate marketer is likely not going to get anywhere near their Dream 100 for quite a while.

The idea is that you find all the key players in your market and make a list of who you want to work with.

I can obviously see the potential. But it’s a long road to get there when you are a nobody.

They had a module where they suggest you earn your way into the Dream 100’s audience. Pitch the Dreamer with a gift. Pitch them in email. That’s pretty hard for someone who doesn’t have much interest in getting in front of people.

They had additional training where they discussed Facebook Groups, Instagram DM’s and Podcasts. The idea is put yourself out there and respond to comments, reviews, stories, etc.

Obviously there are hours of training available from course creators on these topics. They summed it up in a one hour training block. Helpful? I dunno. They breezed through it to give you an idea of what might work.

Pay for Traffic for Your Funnel

And of course what would a block of training on traffic be without mentioning how to buy your way in thorough Facebook ads. Good grief. All I read and hear about is using Facebook ads to promote your funnels. How in the world is Google still in business? I don’t hear anyone talking about buying keywords from the Google anymore.

They did a 30 minute video on setting up your Facebook ads. Perfectly good information. Just get ready to spend money.

And that is pretty much it on traffic in the 30-Day challenge.

However, when you are buying your way into the challenge they do offer an OTA for Traffic Secrets. This John Reese’s program that ClickFunnels bought off him. I would imagine it is a brilliant program to learn how to get traffic to your websites. Perhaps the offer of this program is why they don’t go into a ton of depth in the 30 Day Challenge Week 4 modules.

The 30-Day Challenge is a Good Value

The 30-Day Challenge is an interesting training course. $100 for this amount if training is a ridiculously-good value.

I don’t buy products and courses much myself. But I will say this one is by far the best course I have ever taken. From Brunson, Julie Stoian and Stephen Larsen’s training videos there is incredible value.

The Facebook group is pretty amazing too. Though I must say there are some dumbass people in the course, which you would assume with over 5,000 signing up. I don’t understand why the same damn questions get asked over and over. For the love of mud, go over prior comments.

And of course there are a number of overly excited people that really get absorbed by the cult-like atmosphere. It can be a bit much.

But overall, if you are interested in learning how to build an online business the 30- Day Challenge is definitely worth the money. Even if you have no use in being a member of ClickFunnels, there is still plenty of value in the course.

Hopefully this One Funnel Away Challenge Week 4 Review was useful.