Week three of the One Funnel Away Challenge was like drinking through a fire-hose. This was the week where the funnel was actually built.

I was already behind. Week two of the OFA challenge was where you built you product. Had your ebook created. Your cover made. Etc.

Week three ended without me building a funnel which was the goal of the training. But I had my reasons for the procrastination.

Each day they through each step in getting your funnel built for all your various sales options. The layout in the builder is fairly typical of today’s web builder. Your funnel page is built using drag and drop elements that you see in web-builders like Divi or Elementor.

Looking through the comments in the Facebook group, people were having a difficult time getting their funnel built and connected to email. Some folks in the challenge chose the $297 option which gave you email built-in. This is called Actionetics.

Supposedly along with Actionetics you have to set up a 3rd party SMTP server to send emails. Sendgrid is the choice since it’s free. Apparently getting this all set up gave people grief.

Once I get going using ClickFunnel I will start with the $97 option which will require me to use a third party email provider. I’ll like go with Aweber or some other service that is friendly to affiliates.

This looks to be the easiest option in getting email set up in ClickFunnels as well. I didn’t read anyone having trouble getting this set up as part of their trial or the lower priced option.

Share Funnels

The nice thing about ClickFunnels is there are ton of people sharing out their funnels. A lot of them for free. This gives you a quick way to build out a funnel.

There are numerous affiliates like Stephen Larsen that build out their affiliate programs with share funnels so you can use them to promote their product fairly easily. All you have to do is download the funnel into your account, make some changes to the affiliate information so you can get credit, and start promoting.

My thought on this was to download some of my favorite share funnels and see if they work. The one or two that does, I’ll work harder to promote.

I posted my hypothesis into a Funnel Facebook group I joined to see what the experienced hands thought about that idea. The responses was basically, “no mate, just do one”. I don’t see why I would only want to sit on one when there are so many options available to promote.

Obviously I first have to get off my lazy ass and actually build the funnels and start promoting.

However, I figured I’d build out the funnels on paper first and then open the 14-day free trial. I’ll build the funnels and try to drive traffic to them hopefully making a sale or two before the free trial runs out. I’d much prefer to do this without coming out of pocket. $97 a month is a lot of money when you aren’t making any money on the investment.

Building a Funnel for Affiliate Marketing

The 30-day One Funnel Away Challenge seems to be created for products and services more than affiliate marketing. That’s why they have the Affiliate Bootcamp 100-day challenge obviously. As part of the 30-day challenge we got access to much of the material in the Bootcamp challenge.

The third week showed you how to build funnels with upsells and downsells. OTAs all all that jazz. Stuff that you would need to bribe people to buy your crap.

When you don’t control the cart then as an affiliate marketer, network marketer or someone chasing commissions, you have to build funnels in a different way.

Luckily Steve Larsen created training on how to build a funnel when you don’t control the cart. They dropped that into the members area. It was quite useful. If affiliate marketing is your bag then this training showed folks how to organize your funnel to bring in customers to your offer.

I have to say the course remains the best I’ve ever seen for online marketing. Even if you could give two shits about sales funnels, the  training on sales and marketing is simply the most robust I’ve seen online. And for $100? No-brainer if you are interested in making a buck online.

Click here to join the next challenge. You won’t regret it.

Week 4 of the challenge discusses getting traffic to your newly built funnel. I’ve heard that it is a bit slim on specifics and is pretty much the weakest of all the training. We’ll see.