The last two weeks I have been undergoing an indoctrination within the One Funnel 30-Day Challenge that ClickFunnels sponsors.

The cost was $100.

I will say straight up that this is easily the best training in Internet marketing I have ever been a part of. That this only costs $100 is quite remarkable.

There are people in the current training that are cycling through a second, third, even fourth time.

There is an infectious attitude that begins with the founder, Russell Brunson, that is high contagious. It always begins at the top doesn’t it?

What is the OFA 30-Day Challenge?

So dig it. You pay your $100. I did. About a week later you get a welcome package that include the 30-day book, an MP3 player with lessons and workbook. It’s a nice touch and fine to have but it’s not necessary. I mean, if you never receive the package, all the info is included everyday in the training and is available in the membership site.

The book interviews 30 people who detail what they would do if they had to start over. It’s fairly detailed and really has some great ideas. Each interview can be found in the membership site.

Honestly the book is worth $100. No joke.

You can get all your training from the membership site if you want but the real value of the training is in the private Facebook group.

This Facebook group is easily the best one I have been involved in. It is truly a caring and giving community that eventually gets built. People asking and receiving help as they go through the training. I’m thoroughly impressed as I freaking hate Facebook.

One Funnel Away Pre-Training Week

This is sort of a bonus week. Before the actual training gets kicked off, there is daily video from Brunson and Stephen Larsen on getting you to the right mindset.

I sort of thought it annoying. I mean, I just want to make money, right? Get to the meat.

Do I need someone to tell me to BELIEVE!

After a Week 1 training I’d say, sit up and listen to these guys because the actual training is intense. You DO need someone to excite you and get you ready.

Stephen said in a call this week that they already know and have factored in that people have already started quitting.

One Funnel Away Week 1 Training

Every day there is a new video  from Russell going through a white board overhead training lesson. It takes about 30 minutes and is quite thorough.

Following that training they will release later in the day a coaching call by Stephen Larsen and maybe Julie Stoian. Stephen is awesome. His enthusiasm is off the charts. Clearly he loves what he is doing.

Julie is a great teacher. taking the time to re-iterate the steps learned from the training.

Week Two and Beyond

This weekend they have given us a break. There are tasks that we need to catch up on and deliverables that we need to acquire or create. We are getting ready to learn how to build a funnel and drop our offer in a couple of weeks.

I’ll follow up with additional posts as the challenge proceeds over the next three weeks.

I’m still absorbing all the information and trying to nail down exactly what my funnel will look like. Some people are promoting their services. Whether that is plumbing, coaching or whatever. Others have some shit to sell. They have to decide what kind of “bump” they want to offer during the sale process. What “one time offer” to provide.

Everybody has to figure out how to get people into the funnel. What kind of bribe to capture the email.

It’s all in the game.

Facebook OFA Mentor Groups

When you get in the Facebook group there will be folks that will be setting up side groups to provide additional value. Well, some will. Some might be crap.

All I know is I followed one guy into his mentor group and have been pleasantly surprised.

He’s playing the game. He offers real and substantive value for free while also offering his coachig services if you are so inclined.

People are interested in paying him $100, 200 for coaching. That’s great.

The One Funnel Away Challenge is Intense

Look, there are a ton of ways to skin the Internet marketing cat. I just happen to really like what I am seeing out of this training. The professionalism and the enthusiasm is not something that I expected.

The training is fast and deep. For a first timer I’d say the only way to keep up is to stay engaged in the Facebook group and do the homework. You have to set aside at least two hours a day to get through all the material. And that doesn’t include the time to do the homework and get your offers compiled.