My curiosity got the better of me.

I joined the One Funnel Away challenge that ClickFunnels puts on every 30 days. They created this program to help people get out of a shitty job or increase sales in an already successful venture or just achieve whatever make money online goals they have.

I mean, for $100 (plus shipping) it seemed a reasonable amount to pay to see what Click Funnels is all about and whether it will encourage me to make more money online. This standard build a blog niche site and hope for some stupid traffic from Pinterest and Google is boring and annoying.

Building a funnel is not going to solve the traffic problem but it will help get people to purchase various affiliate offers in a more efficient manner.

So I thought I’d give this One Funnel Away challenge a try. Why not learn 30 days worth of internet marketing from a few of the best in the business? You can be skeptical if you like but Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian and Stephen Larsen know what’s up making money online.

I don’t know if I’ll stick with it after 30 days. I’d like to think there is some serious value using funnels to generate affiliate sales. So we’ll see.

I like the rhetoric they promote at times about websites being dead and funnels being the future. Not bloody likely but I see where they are going.

The 30 day challenge is unique in that the course actually comes with physical products. In a week or so I should be getting my box which includes:

  1. MP3 player with 30 days worth of lessons
  2. 30 days of coaching form Julie and Stephen
  3. Workbook

But to be honest, the thing I am most interested in is this 550-page “You Suddenly Lose Everything” book they created.

They asked million dollar earners what they would do if they lost everything.

What would they do from day 1 to day 30 if they were starting out.

They broke it down day-by-day…

“Day 1, I’d do this… Day 2, I’d do this… Day 3, I’d do this…”

Each of them laid out a complete 30 day battle plan to get their business back on track…starting back at “square one” with:

No Product…
No List…
No Traffic…Running Errands…
No Reputation…
And No Funnel…

Think about it. Wouldn’t you pay a millionaire $100 to know what he would do each day, for 30 days, to begin to get his wealth back?

For some reason, because it’s from some internet marketer, that information is deemed not worth $100?!

I’m certainly curious to read through and see what these guys would do starting over.

So I joined the challenge. I think it’s a great deal. It is designed to push you for 30-days to build something of value to help you make money. Shit, you’ll waste $100 on dinner and movie in the next 30 days. Give it a try if you want to.

I’m going to leave this affiliate banner here for you to click on. If you click on it and decide to join the challenge you better know I’m being compensated for the privilege.