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Tooltip TextI am not upgrading my iPhone. I refuse. I currently sport a nice 6S+ that does everything that I need it to and thousands of things I have no use for.

Apple has unloaded their marketing push to entice the consumerist into a new iPhone 8 or the X. As it stands it looks like the 8 is a sales dud which everyone but apparently Apple could see would happen. Given the desperation for people to consume the latest and greatest why wouldn’t people wait two months and get the X?

I’m not biting. In fact I am so fed up with the rapid fire release of marginal upgrades that I will be hanging on to my iPhone until the battery is kaput. Given the ridiculous increase in cost of every new model I will likely just follow behind and buy the leftovers as people chase the latest. I have yet to be disappointed in the photographs and videos my 6S+ can collect.

Everybody apparently thought the 7S+ was amazing a year ago. Not sure why it won’t still be amazing in a year when my battery hits obsolescence. Then I should be able to get it for $600 and not spend $1,200 on the iPhone 11.

There is just a point at which I refuse to be sold.

Why Do iPhones Get More Expensive?

I truly enjoy tech. I upgraded my TV because it looks so darn good watching Prime and Netflix shows in 4K. But it only cost $400. It replaced a high def Samsung model that I bought 8 years prior for $800. That HD model replaced a 31” CRT that I bought 10 years prior for $1,200.

See what I’m getting at? Seems tech goes down in price with better features, unless it’s a mobile phone.

The herd is so obsessed with mobile phones that the manufacturers can keep upping the price on each model with no end in sight. I won’t play along.

I have a rather nice home theater system. I bought a receiver for $900, way back in 2000 (along with some incredible speakers that still function perfectly for my use). The receiver circuitry of that unit gave way about 8 years or so ago. I replaced the unit with better technology, for less money than I originally paid.

Today I want to pass 4K through the receiver. I can make a more technological advance forward, for even less money today and achieve that.

This is how technology economics tends to work, unless you’re Apple.

Even Microsoft gives you better technology for cheaper. I had an Xbox One. I paid $300 for it with a suite of games over a year ago. Decided I wanted the possibility of playing Ultra HD DVDs plus games in 4K. I recently just bought a better looking, faster, more storage, Ultra HD DVD playing 4K Xbox One S for $279. That is less cost with better tech than the original Xbox One.

Apple is going the wrong way.

I’ll follow behind the herd and pick up the scraps along the way when I need to. But I will not stampede into the store to get an iPhone X anytime soon, if ever. I really like my headphone jack.

This is a self-licking ice cream cone. Apple sells a new iPhone every year. Best Buy, Amazon, carriers, etc. encourage it to get customers coming in the stores.

Tech wonks on You Tube and blogs get something to write about and get eyeballs to their sites. They can do inane box opening videos and reviews for hundreds if not thousands or even millions or viewers, while sharing in ad revenue, natch.

Viewers vibrate so hard over the presentation they can barely wait to go into two-years of debt to pay for something that is only marginally better than what they had because it’s newer and fresher.