Bloggers and Internet marketers continue to flog the longing of making money online with niche website building. Smart Blogger just released a massive pile of words discussing it. They write these grotesque articles for their joy of competing in the search engines for hot topic, make-money-online-with-blogging-content-marketing-and-SEO-keywords. They also have courses to pimp, natch.

Heck, I even wrote a stupid article on niche sites

Here’s the deal: if someone writes an article or creates a video on the joys of building niche websites then  you can bet they have something to sell. Mark it.

Niche blogging is over-saturated. You may not have noticed but the amount of money that Internet marketers suggest you can make has declined through the years. I can remember “5 Figure Niche Sites”.

Then it was “Make $5,000 With Your Niche Blog.” Soon it became “$1,000 Riches From Niches”.

Today you are lucky if the marketing angle pimps a $500 niche site.

Why is this?

Well, despite the best efforts of proving otherwise, niche site are over-saturated. Choose any niche and prove me wrong. Those that have the best paying affiliate programs are super competitive. Sub niches are not far behind.

Yes, of course, any Internet marketer worth his salt is going to come back and say how utterly ridiculous it is that the voluminous amount of niches and sub-niches are anywhere near over-saturated. 

Then why is it so difficult to make money building a niche site in any reasonable amount of time and why is getting your content found so difficult? 

Yes, I know. I’m doing everything wrong. I bet there is a course that will set me straight. Promise.

Article Marketing Sucks

Good luck getting your site ranked in Google any time soon from your best effort content marketing. If you want to know what it takes to rank in Google for competitive niches have a look at Smart Blogger’s articles and their competitors. Massive word collections. 

This is where we are now. Google no longer has any use for short informative articles. Yes, there are tons and tons of topics that 2,000 words can be written on and get ranked well in Google. But unless it is a topic that is not well-searched (ergo, no money) then the requirement to compete in an over-saturated market is obscenely long content. Enjoy.

I mean seriously, let’s give the reader information over-load. Nobody reads all this shit. Skimming is what the cool kids do. But Google disagrees and loves bloated content articles. Like this load of crap I’m currently writing.

The latest thing in niche article marketing is to go back through your old posts and update them. It’s far easier to put on a new date and polish up an older article than write a new one. Why do you think every “Ultimate Guide” has the year attached in the title?

It’s all part of the game. I promise you will get sick of writing posts in your niche. And you might run out of things to say about the topic anyway. So the easiest thing is to simply rehash your old stuff. Google apparently digs it.

Pinterest Marketing is the Latest Traffic Workaround

So if SEO article marketing is off-putting then plenty of Internet marketers will help you get traffic to your niche sites through Pinterest. If you are going to flog a niche site then this is the best way to compete organically for now. 

If you don’t know how then don’t worry, this is the domain of mommy and lifestyle bloggers. They offer and affiliate market plenty of courses that essentially tell you to find and join Pinterest groups, create a pin on Canva and use TailWinds to post it into Tribes.

Of course competition is the reason everyone is joining Pinterest SEO marketing. It’s sort of a way to get short term results while waiting for Google to give a crap about your niche site.

To get around organic traffic there are plenty of Internet marketers that will see you guides on how to buy Facebook and/or Instagram traffic. It’s the shaggiest way to get traffic to your site. Quick and targeted. 

Embrace the Competition

I’m not here to tell you that it is impossible to make money building a niche site. I am here to tell you that the odds are stacked highly against you in succeeding. 

I find it annoying that high profile bloggers and Internet marketers still promote niche marketing like it’s no big deal while the competition is incredibly daunting.

Don’t bother with building a niche site unless you are willing to put in massive time and/or money to make it succeed. It’s why they say to make sure you love the topic because you will be eating and drinking that thing for possibly years before it amounts to anything.

The groovy days of spilling numerous half-assed niche blogs on to the web for Adsense clicks and affiliate marketing are done. You just won’t get ranked and you will never see the traffic.

We used to create a niche site and try it out to see if there was money to be made in it. Have a handful of SEO rich articles posted and get a number of backlinks and there should be enough traffic to determine if it had potential.

Today there is no time for that. It takes an incredible effort to lift even one niche site onto the web. A couple of more and you will be drowning.  

Lucrative Niche –> Building a Niche Website

Look, I know that there are many people that are successful building a niche site. They even have numerous niches. But I guaran-damn-tee that it won’t be long before that same niche blogger will be pimping their own niche blogging step-by-step how-to guide. 

They know the EASY money is writing about and/or creating videos on how to make money with niche sites. Everybody wants a piece of it. The trouble is, despite the conventional wisdom, the competition is suffocating.

Ever wonder why it’s always the Internet marketers that want to teach you about niche blogs? It’s because they’ve got something to sell to a wiling and waiting audience.

Ask the blogger of your favorite niche site how it’s going and they will likely tell you how much they work for a few hundred dollars a month. The really successful niche site owners will likely yell you how many years it took to become an authority where anybody gave a crap about their offerings.

Maybe you have some juicy way of ramming your niche site into monetary glory in a few months. Great. But that is not the natural way of things. Slogging through the massive Internet competition is typical. 

So, building a niche website and making money can and is done. All day long. But understand the build a niche website niche is a business. Make no mistake. It is propped up because everyone thinks it’s simple to write a blog and get people to buy shit. And IMers don’t want you to think otherwise because they have something for you to buy.