Off I go. I have joined the pack and created a lane on the Internet for my niche glory. Finding a niche market was simple enough. I tossed a coin through my multiple passions and came up with something I might be able to organize a few words around.

I decided on a well worn niche in photography. Bought a domain. Added it to my hosting. Installed WordPress. Added a crappy theme. Installed Yoast for SEO. Configured that mess. Got everything pointed at Google Search Console. Wrote an About page. Made a post. Blah, blah, blah.

The fun begins when I’ve got about 10-20 posts written. Then I can start thinking about web design. Right now the minimalism of twenty-fifteen is really retro. I like it. Nobody is visiting that garbage pile so who cares what it looks like. Best to just concentrate on putting some words on the posts in a meaningful arrangement for Google’s interest.

Fill the Niche Site With Content

If I was really smart I’d start collecting emails from visitor one. But I don’t really have anything to offer and just getting this thing launched and writing a batch of posts is enough to deal with. And I think I mentioned that I was basically lazy. No? Well then. I’m lazy.

Happy with finding a niche market I can proceed to scattering words on the screen. Right now it’s all about filling up the blog with content. I plan on writing a couple of lengthy posts a week along with curating meaningful information on my topic of choice.

Ideas for Niche Content

I am a fan of Feedly. I’ve dropped a bucketload of RSS feeds in my account in relation to my niche. It is a great source of content ideas along with articles that I can curate onto my site.

Another idea for content creation is scrolling through You Tube videos. I’ve created numerous articles from watching videos and then summarizing what I heard into a blog post. Adding my own insights will flesh the post out making it unique.

Content. This is where the hoof meets the trail. Will I have the ambition to resume the wreckage? Maybe. Dropping a few articles on the site over a couple weeks is easy. It won’t be that fun in a month when I’m staring at an editor with “237 words” at the bottom and searching for another 200 well organized words.

But of course that’s why if I remember my brief time in Level 1 training in the awful realm of Wealth Affiliate (more on that later) something about passion was discussed.

…the core of your niche selection it should be something that you “like”. Something you enjoy.

Finding a niche market sucked. The coin tossed it was time to find something better to do.

I decided to watch “Yellowstone”.