There is a report today from BuzzFeedNews about mommy blogs and how they make money. They liken the enterprise as your basic multi-level marketing scheme.

I have been trying to tell people about this bullshit for years but nobody cares. Mommy blogs are just another internet marketing scheme that takes money from one group and enriches another.

I agree with BuzzFeed but I really don’t care what these people do to make money. BuzzFeed is not impressed with the side hustle.

Motherhood as a social construct is becoming increasingly entrepreneurial, as social safety nets fray and being a stay-at-home nurturer — or even a nurturer with a full-time-job — becomes increasingly unfeasible for many women. The US government guarantees virtually no paid maternity leave, and no accessible, affordable daycare. Young families are on their own. So the painful underbelly of the exalted momtrepreneurial side hustle is the fact that for many women, the side hustle is keeping the lights on.

…In barren, late-capitalist terrain, selling the ability to blog, even if that blog itself will be about little more than the act of blogging, seems to be a viable commodity.

Totally correct. Blogging about making money blogging is as old as the web so there is nothing really new here.

Internet Marketing Schemes Never Change

Internet marketing bloggers have been doing this crap for years. How many sites promote some SEO, affiliate marketing, traffic generating product that promises to help other bloggers make money?

Now, unlike BuzzFeed which is a garbage site, full of clickbait and journalists looking for new work following the latest layoffs, I have no issue with people doing this. If people are so stupid to buy some crap ebook or digital product then that’s okay.

I just see this crap for what it is.

I have complained about this as I previously bought a Pinterest traffic building PDF from some lifestyle blogger. It was $17 of utter trash. I had never felt so stupid. Fuck if I didn’t know better.

The top of the lifestyle, mommy blogger pyramid love to promote these garbage offers. They include selling printables, recipes, photography guides and organization how-tos. The list of crafty, mommy crap is long.

These guru mommy bloggers love to promote how-to-be-a-wealthy-blogger-too programs to their willing email list. The sad thing is these consumers aren’t savvy enough to realize that they are basically being fed junk.

Popular mommy blogs make a killing. The consumers get stuck with crap and are being used in a glorious dance of content marketing and SEO. Same as it always is.

I commend BuzzFeed for writing this article. I have news for them though, it’s been going on for a long time.

Mommy blogs are simply doing what make money on the Internet marketers have been doing for two decades. It’s just now Google is making it difficult so they have to add so-called quality to their blogs.

How Internet Marketers and Mommy Blogs Roll

  1. There will be an ultimate guide for creating a blog. Included will be affiliate offers for web hosting and themes. This blog post will promote a free digital product for “How to Get Fast Traffic to Your Blog”. It will be utter garbage but it will be enough to get your email.
  2. There will be an ultimate guide to affiliate marketing. Since it’s a mommy blog they will promote Ebates, Shareasale and other networks with their affiliate links. The more people they get to sign up the better chance for affiliate riches.
  3. Next you find a how-to email ultimate guide. It will detail the best autoresponders to use. These are mommy blog and internet marketers gold. Once you sign up there are revolving payouts until the user cancels. And why would they cancel? The wanna-be mommy blogger is going to be jsut like the top bloggers. It’s so easy!
  4. The weekly email is going to disgorge nifty tips and tricks with a handy affiliate offer for “How to Write Great Content”, or something similar.
  5. Of course, no mommy blog is complete without an ultimate guide to Pinterest. This 3,000 word blog post will cover Canva (premium of course just in case the affiliate link is punched) and everybody’s favorite Pinterest affiliate program, TailWindApp.

Just look at a typical sidepost of “recommended posts” in a mommy/lifestyle blog. It looks like this:

How to Start a Blog
How to Start an Online Business
How to Make Money Blogging
Tools I Use & Recommend
How to Decide What to Blog About
How to Write an Ebook

This is to entice stay-at-home-moms into the easy riches funnel. It is a well-worn strategy.

I see it all the time. Pretty pink colored websites with folksy verbage making their visitors feel like they are all just good friends sitting around exchanging ideas. See, she’s making a lot of money and there is no reason you can’t. Just follow these tips and tricks.

It doesn’t work for 99% of the people that get sucked into this crap. People think making money online is easy. They want you to think it is easy because that is what sells.

The fact is, making a living online is extremely difficult. Simply being sweet on Pinterest and writing articles on how to bake bread is not going to get you anywhere any time soon.

Making Money off the Desperate

BuzzFeed is at least right when they suggest that the top mommy blogs are built on top of less successful desperate mommy bloggers. It’s a great business. Heck I used to sell affiliate crap to people all the time. I know how scummy it is. They just make it look attainable and pretty.

It’s all just people selling crap to others who want to do the same thing. Mommy blogs are just like any other Internet marketing scheme I’ve seen for two decades.