Is affiliate marketing hard? Yes. Yes indeed.

There are so many damn YouTube videos and Internet marketers that are driving affiliate marketing beginners into the business it’s almost insane.

The Money is in Affiliate Marketing

You’re broke. I get it. You see all these YouTube jackasses and Pinterest princesses talk about how they are making $500 a day slinging email and pins full of great affiliate offers and you want a piece.

They say it’s hard but they make it seem easy, right?

How hard could it be? They say you can be up and running a sweet affiliate business in no time. Fuck man, Click Funnels. Just sign up here and get your free funnel action for 14-days.

They’ll even show you how to make money with Click Funnels. By, you know, selling Click Funnels.

I seriously admire these guys. They have figured out the game. They know they can buy $10,000 worth of Google ads, maybe sell $5,000 worth of Click Funnel subscriptions and, more importantly, build a huge email list that will continue to pay for years to come selling more affiliate crap.

Pretty great, right? Does the product work? Maybe. Who cares? Just keep selling the shit down the line. Something new will come along when this gets played out that you can sell your massive email list subscribers.

I can’t do it. I don’t have that killer salesmanship.

Creating a Niche Site for Affiliate Income

Is affiliate marketing hard? It sure can be. And boring.

There are two ways to affiliate market.

You build a niche site for the sole purpose of creating an affiliate income.

You build a niche site on a topic you enjoy and you just happen to sell niche products.

I’ve done both. The latter is far more fulfilling. The former is boring and why I have some flatfoot fill the site with content from his sandbox.

I stick with the tried and true of coming up some shitty niche to try to sell to.

I love this niche so much that I let someone else do all the work for me. Pay 5 dollars for passable articles on esoteric keywords to rank in the search engines.

For $100 I can have 20 articles written each month. In 6 months I’ll have 100 or so articles that I rank for long tail keywords. In a year that number will be closer to 250 and the search engines will finally take notice. I’ll have spent a little over a grand for the site build up and with any luck be collecting a $100 a month at the end of that year.

I’ll expect to be about $800-1000 in the hole at the end of the year with any luck.

You can be zero in the hole if you want to waste an hour each day writing some bullshit article.

Sometime in the middle of year two I’ll break even. That has been how this shit works the last five years or so. I’ve been late to the email list game but that seems to speed up the effort depending on the niche. I suck at email marketing. I mean, if you want to hear from me come visit the blog. Sending out some email full of garbage platitudes just because I discovered something new for you to buy is not for me. But, sheeit, that’s how the money is made in the You Ess of Aayy.

Why am I so jaded over affiliate marketing?

I don’t know. Affiliate marketing is hard. And there are people out there making it seem like there is still easy money to be made. I mean they acknowledge it’s hard but, c’mon, just build a blog and write an article every day for two years. How hard is that?

That 2,000 word pillar article? Pfftt. Easy. Done in 2 hours tops. I mean, can’t anybody write 2,000 words on “backlit keyboards on a 2019 Chromebook”? Sure as shit you’ll rank top 10 on Google for that 13 person a month keyword volume.

But go ahead. Do that 29 more times this month. At the end you’ll have targeted 30-45 long tail keywords with a total search volume of maybe a 1,000. Get it.

Surely those 1-2,000 potential visitors will be dying to download that free “How to Clean Your Monitor With a Dirty Rag” pdf and give up their email.

You’ll collect 10 a day. In 2 years, man, you’ll have 1,000 people on that email list. 3% click conversion and 1% buy through and you’ve made a few sales. That could be pretty damn sweet.

It’s how the big boys play the game.