I spend too much time watching You Tube videos. Well, I spend too much time watching You Tube videos on Internet marketing. It’s really an amazing industry watching these guys fish for money. An Internet digital course is the latest big thing.

You can follow the easy money trends fairly easily if you watch some of the big time guberus. They are pretty amazing in how well they sell shit.

Apparently the easy money (read gurus) is leaving affiliate marketing, Amazon FBA and Shopify. Today creating an Internet digital course is how people are raking in the bucks. Not everybody. It’s just an interesting Internet marketing trend I’m noticing on You Tube.

Take the money quiz. This dude will sell you a course on all kinds of online business models. Don’t get me wrong, his success is pretty great. But he’s pivoted hard into teaching people shit. Selling people the dream.

For instance, teaching people Click Funnels is apparently the holy grail. You charge $7 or whatever (more if you’re a guru, but the minions got to start somewhere) for your Click Funneling class then get a piece of the monthly Click Funnel scratch, email auto-responder and other website sundries. It’s pretty glorious.

Everyone is creating classes now. It’s like that old saying that “if you can’t do, then teach.”

Tired of haggling with Chinese wholesalers? Just teach a class on how to set up FBA.

Now, I have no idea if these guys are make money or not on their Shopify, Affiliate or FBA sites. I suspect they do. I suspect they have.

But it is quite interesting that seemingly all the guberus and their minions are pivoting to teaching courses. Course launches are all over the place.

I saw this one “free training” video that was about making $1000+ using Google Maps. It was pretty funny. Look up businesses in Google Maps and see if they have claimed their business. Apparently they would be so excited to have you click a button to verify their business that they would pay hundreds of dollars. Total bullshit. But follow the funnel if you want to be separated from a couple hundred dollars for the course.

Internet Marketing “Masterclass” Garbage

You know the training is going to be bullshit if they preface it with “Masterclass”. Marketing videos are not masterclasses. They are sales videos.

They are no more Masterclasses than watching a dude bake a cake on QVC to promote their oven pan.

They will show you just enough to get you moving through the funnel.

Seats are Extremely Limited

Well they are not. They are cycling you to a recorded video. There is no webinar. Maybe there was one, but this crap you are signing up for is not the live webinar.

They fuckers make it seem like it is live and that they are interacting with real people but it’s all bullshit.

If I want to see the video just show the damn thing to me without me having to block off an hour later today or tomorrow.

Like I’m really scheduling this for seating. It’s stupid.

It’s all in the game. The pull to make money online is incredibly strong. Internet marketers are incredibly strong marketers and salespeople.  They know people are desperate for online success. I get it. And if people are happy helping these guys make money and sell the shit to their site visitors, then that is pretty great.

Anyway, it’s pretty interesting seeing the pivot away from real business selling and into teaching. These guys follow the easy money.

3 years ago setting up a Shopify site and hammering Facebook with cheap ads was a winner. That shit is tough today.

I far more admire guys that are hustling in retail arbitrage than these guys setting up online agencies to sell ads and launching an Internet digital course.

Look at it this way: if the shit they are teaching is so incredible then why are they spending their time teaching it and not doing it?

Maybe they are. Maybe they truly have a desire to teach. Perhaps they have made so much money doing that they can take the time to teach other people how to do it.

How reasonable does that seem to a culture that is obsessed with spending more on a car than most people will earn in a lifetime?

I don’t know. They may dispatch their diligent staff to run their online businesses while they create courses. Frankly, that’s what I’d do. Maybe.

I mean, they teach in these classes that you will make all this money but for some reason they keep reaching for the next big thing to sell in Internet marketing. There is a disconnect.

Can they never be satisfied or do they simply leave while the leavings good?

Welp, today it seems creating courses is huge. Why the pivot in launching a digital course?