Innsbrucking was a quick badge to grab in Zwift.

There are days that I don’t have a ton of time to ride but still would like to grab a few miles and calories.

I have signed up for two challenges; 10,000 calories for the month and Ride California. The calorie challenge pretty much means I need to be on the bike each day and grab at least 300 calories or so.

Given work and family stuff spending an hour on the bike each day is tough but there area few routes available that I can both grab a badge and add to my totals.

I’ve pretty much cherry picked all the short badge routes but Innsbrucking popped up when that world was available and I jumped on it.

The Innsbrucking course is easy and short. Not very hilly. The roll in is short as well. Al together I completed the route in under 20 minutes for 5.7 miles and 256 feet of climbing.

Calories burned was a laughable 161.

The course is really amazing looking for a computer game. The mountains and villages looked really nice and was fun to explore.

Collecting Zwift Badges

Right now my Zwift experience is really about collecting game badges. I know many people use the system for training and racing but that isn’t where my interest lies quite yet.

I enjoy seeing my total miles increase. I like collecting the badges whether it’s for stupid things like giving “Ride Ons” or completing a route. That is just fun.

I also like the challenges. Knowing that I need to X amount of work this month to complete the calorie challenge is motivating for me. It’s fun too.

I enjoy exploring Zwift.

It’s also quite nice to see my FTP increase. I’ve got a couple notifications for that but I really don’t know what that means at this point. I just ride as fast as I can and try to keep up with riders on the road and not look horrible during the timed events