Heck if I know how to choose a niche anymore. I can build a website. I can design. SEO is no problem. Writing is a blast. However, when it comes to choosing a niche (sick of that word) I find that to be the most perplexing activity of them all.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, says to choose your passion. Your niche is your passion. Your passion is your niche. Whatever. I am not building a website because I care about relating my passion to a thousand readers. I am building a website because I want to make money.

Yes, it is easier to write about what you like. It is far better to write about something that will bring in cash.

Unfortunately the problem is that any website will take 3,6,12 months to generate any real income. Ergo, if you are going to grind you may as well do something you like.

When the Passion Becomes a Chore

Spend 10 months flogging your passion and at the end you may or may not have created a site worth anything. But hey, at least you learned something I guess.

But what do I know. I quit this racket years ago only to recently think I wanted to rejoin the make money online herd (so much cattle on the range!). I made a lot of money online back in the day when scraping clicks from Adsense was ridiculously easy to do until the algorithms shut it down. Now building money making websites is a serious enterprise. I neither adapted or cared to all that much.

So, I sit here worrying now how to choose a niche. What is the passion I want to sacrifice at the altar of affiliate marketing? None of them frankly. Maybe I don’t want to pimp out my interests.

See I understand when you are being taught the basics, the easiest thing to tell a person when they inevitably ask “what do I build my website on?”:

“Hey, do you know how to choose a niche to build a money-making website on?”

“Easy son. Why, just think about your passion and create a blisteringly wonderful site on that.”

“But I want to make money.”

“You will, but first you have to do what you love.”

“But I love money.”

“The money will come. Just give it time.”

“Why do I have to wait? Can’t I just find something that makes money and market that?”

“Of course. That would be your passion. Maybe you’ll get lucky and it will make fat stacks of cash immediately.”

“But what if I my passion doesn’t work out?”

“That’s okay. You’ll have learned a lot and you can try another passion in 6 months or so.”

“But they say don’t give up. You might be a week away from success.”

“Well yea, there is that.”

“So why don’t I start with something that has a better chance to make money than my passion?”

“Nope. Your passion is your niche. Your niche is your passion.”

“That’s dumb.”

How to Choose a Niche

These are some of the best ideas on how to choose a niche I’ve heard. They are fairly self explanatory really. You just have to be willing to take a minute and think about what you like. I typically start here but I rarely create a niche around my passion. But you might.

Bookstore – I love going to the bookstore. I naturally gravitate to one section or the other. Where do your interests lie? I bet you could kill it with a niche blog from that topic.

Web browsing – What do you like to waste time looking at? Cars? Hunting? Fashion? Shoes? Blog about it. You already love it and probably know something about it.

Reality TV – What kind of garbage TV do you like to watch? Home improvement? Cooking? Do you like seeing what the desperate housewives are wearing?

Hobbies – What do like doing? Are you obsessed with Star Trek or Harry Potter? Do you like to fish? Are you desperate to get off work and hit the trails?

Talking – What do you like to talk to other people about. What really excites you to engage in?

Teach – What are you good at teaching?

Work – Do you love your job? What about blogging about the intricacies of your career?

My Own Niche Blogs

Ultimately I tend to gravitate to what niche will make me money. I spend probably too much time doing keyword research to find a niche that I can create some content around. Assuming, of course, if I can compete in the niche. I like using Ubersuggest to come up with ideas.

I drop a seed keyword into the tool and see where it takes me. If there are enough long tail keywords that I can create a nice niche blog around and make money from it then I might give it a go. I know for a fact that starting from scratch I am not going to be able to compete with a main keyword. Long tail keywords though might give me as shot.

Again, I may love the niche but if I can’t make money on it then I’ll pass. Same if I can make money in the niche. If the competition is too hot or I just hate the niche topic then I’ll pass.

It’s crazy the effort you have o go through to find out what niche to blog about. It always comes down to interest, competition and money.

I used to make a lot of money slinging niche garbage into the web sewage. Google changed their algorithms a thousand times and I frankly got sick of the game. If I had created sites on my passion I would have had an evergreen niche to collect fat stacks from.

That isn’t what happened. So now I’m back  trying to determine how to choose a niche site because, I don’t know, I’m bored or something. Obviously the competition is far stiffer. The social circus you have to perform in from Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, et al is nauseating. But I’ve created a little shack over on the banks of the sewage that I’m working on. Let’s see what happens along the way.