If you are a content creator Google is screwing you.

I received an email as a subscriber to Authority Hacker’s newsletter. It pointed me to their latest blog post on something called “featured snippets” in Google.

I’ve been aware of these when I create content as they are useful for pulling out topics and keywords Google might think is worth discussing in a post. I don’t use Google for my personal searches but I can see where they would be useful for people hitting the search engine for a quick knowledge fix.

As AH has pointed out in their lengthy SEO post, “Google now resembles a standalone content page with a bunch of widgets and a few search results.”

This isn’t good for all you niche bloggers. They are taking your content and re-purposing it for their own benefit. They are making the search results they are creating more sticky and keeping people form visiting the various websites.

Take a look at a typical search result. If you don’t have an AdBlocker you will see the ads that will invade the first “page” of search results. Unless you want to be pitched an offer these results are useless and benefits only Google. Fine. They built this stupid machine.


Those of us using an ad blocker can expect to find somewhat usable results. However,

Google is scraping results from creator content and building a sticky page.

Your answers to questions are easily found on Google. Sure, need a more in depth study of your interest then you will have to go to the website.

I’m not certain this benefits anyone other than Google. I guess you think you’re hot shit if your results are found in the rich snippet or “People Also Ask”. I’m not sure it really works for you. The answer to the person’s inquiry is right there on Google’s page content.

I think Google is going to have an interesting time with the regulatory inquiries that are being brought by the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission. I really don’t care what happens to Google. I despise government and regulations but I equally despise big tech and their fascist leanings. They clearly force oppression on thought they do not like.

But this post isn’t about that. It’s about Google screwing content creators. Yes I know, plenty of people are still creating content for the sole purpose of getting it ranked in Google. That’s great. But all this extra shit that Google is adding is making the top 3 results even harder to find. It’s bullshit. You do all the work and Google gets a healthy portion of the benefit.

One reason Google has avoided regulatory scrutiny up to now is that they can claim to not be a publisher. If they are taking your content and re-purposing it to keep people on their content page then what the hell else would you call them?

If I curate a bunch of content like Google has into an FAQ then what would you call me?

This is why I focus my traffic building exercises into Pinterest. A single pin and a good topic will bring you plenty of glorious traffic to your content.