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As a hapless HAB (hobbyist, amateur, beginner) photographer I have yet to find my art in the art. As I peer into the depths of highly stylized photos being offered into the web sewage for attention and notoriety I seldom see a vision of anything that I much care about.

My photos are all over the place. My interests are not remotely defined. One day I might snap a photo of a landscape and the next I’ll hover over a plate of food substance. I am flailing wildly as I find my art.

Actually there are photos that I find more interesting than others. I like candid and street photography the best. I think. I enjoy capturing a moment in time that may never happen again on a person’s face and posture. I love history and documenting a time in the continuum is fascinating to me.

One of my favorite things is looking through old black and white photos, of anything. I’ve sat through hundreds, thousands, of snaps of, say, just an average day of work at an average early century factory. I love old Hollywood candids. I love new Hollywood candids. A moment that is not posed but is a capture of a point in time of someone or something doing anything interests me.

Photographing a model seems glamorous I guess. Totally boring to me to spend hours fiddling with lights and poses and makeup and clothing to get the same basic photo of some bored subject.

Landscape photography is pretty but doesn’t interest me at a high level. I’ve got photos of mountains and grasslands and flower fields and hills. I hardly ever revisit them. It’s just a scene. I’ve never looked twice at an Ansel Adams. There are incredibly talented artists that will hike into the snow covered mountains to get one spot of early dawn beacon of light hitting that peak he’s had his eye on since summer.

I’d rather video the hike. But then again I’m not making a thousand dollars a print on that effort either. Bottom line is I am not very good at the art of landscape photography. I have no desire to spend thousands on a medium or full frame rig to get the shot. Nor do I live in an area of the country that is altogether scenic to shoot.

Maybe I just need to go to Iceland like all the cool and hip photographers. Frankly, Norway appeals to me more. Chasing a pro peloton through the mountains of France or Italy would be amazing. Catching a cyclist with the backdrop of the Alps would be a perfect marriage of landscape and candid I think. Time and money hinders me from these endeavors. I’ve never had the luxury of spending either for the pleasure of taking a few photos.

I like the challenge of getting the perfect shot in sports. I look forward to taking my new zoom lens out to a volleyball game and seeing what I can do.

The intersection of posed portraits and candid fakery, wedding photography, is something I have no interest in pursuing. All you folks hustling for that big payday won’t have to worry about me as competition while I explore my photography inclinations.

Everybody’s got their bag. Your bag is yours and not necessarily mine. As popular as photography is everyone has their own vision of what they enjoy. That’s art. A white canvas in a modern art museum apparently enthralls some people. To me it’s just a blank space.

I’m sure when I’m out in Colorado this summer I’ll try to get the best landscape photo I can of some random hill or mountain or stream. The photo won’t look anything nearly as pretty as what my eyes saw. I’ll try anyway. But mostly I will attempt to get those candid moments of my wife or others as we explore the towns and mountains. Candid or street photography. That’s where I am leaning…this week.