Blog posts are worthless unless they are massive. There is a huge competition among the top bloggers to stay perched on top of Google rankings. Creating ultimate guides is the way they compete.

The way to do that is to create posts that are thousands of words long. It’s not that they must be that long because you the reader are requesting it. It’s because the tyranny of Google deems it necessary.

To compete with your fellow bloggers your post must be longer, more comprehensive than the one above it. If Fry’s Fish Spot has a blog on bait that is 2K words long then the obvious way to overtake it is to be more comprehensive. Write more words. Compete.

So now we have GUIDES on every topic under the sun. Google loves Guides. Google love dates. It loves parentheses.It loves Ultimate. It really, really love lists.

The Ultimate Guide for 2019 (156 Parenthesis Tips With Examples) <— that is a beauty.

So I thought it would be entertaining to list every ultimate guide that I could find. These are the ones that cross my web surfing.

I don’t know why. It’s what I do when I get annoyed.

If you are not a copywriter, content creator or SEO writer you will likely not notice such things. I bet you’ll notice this crap now.

The List of Blogs Creating Ultimate Guides is Long

SmartBlogger loves highly optimized blog titles. If you want to know how to write these SEO/Google titles then check them out:

  • The Ultimate Guide to Content Curation (With Examples!)

  • How to Write a Blog Post in 2019: The Ultimate Guide

  • How to Make Money Blogging (Free Guide for 2019) <— Not an ultimate but it does include the year. Very important!

SEO is a huge ultimate guide topic:

  • The Ultimate SEO Guide <– straight up ultimate from Weebly

  • SEO Made Easy – Ultimate Guide to Explode Your Traffic In 2019  <–optin Monster getting it done.

  • A Complete Guide to SEO: What You Need to Know in 2019 <–Search Engine Journal, just complete, not ultimate.
  • The Ultimate Guide to SEO in 2019 <– HubSpot dropping in.

Neil Patel got crafty and created a guide about guide too.

  • Creating Ultimate Guides and Using Them to Build Your Marketing List

Patel loves Ultimate Guides.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Writing Epic Content That Will Go Viral

Ultimate Guides are really popular with internet marketers. They are always trying to one up each other. There are tons of competitive keywords they are ranking for. You will see an ultimate guide for each if you look.

Not Just For Internet Marketers

Outside of blogs for blogging the big dogs enjoy their own Ultimate Guide. Digital Photography School loves to produce ultimate guides. They all rank well. If you want to beat them in search engine rankings you best start writing.

  • The dPS Ultimate Guide to Food Photography

There are tons more:

The dPS Ultimate Guide to: Landscape Photography, Photography for Beginners, Photography Terms and Common Words, etc. etc., ad nauseum.

Of course the dude who started this photography site also does ProBlogger. He knows a thing about copy writing and such. Surprisingly he doesn’t do a lot of Ultimate posts on his blog. He does however use the other title noticeables like parenthesis, year and numbered lists. He seems to be more into podcasts these days.

Check out this title from Studio Binder. Dude nails most of the Google positives: parenthesis, ultimate, number.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Camera Shots (over 50+ Types of Shots and Angles in Film)

Ultimate Guides are written for cars.

  • Welcome to CarOutfitter! (Ultimate Guide to Car Maintenance) <— CarOutfitter stepping up with parenthesis and ultimate.

Lifewire producing ultimate content for smartphone buyers:

  • The Ultimate Cell Phone Buying Guide

TennisHead can set you up with a racket:

  • The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Buying a Tennis Racket

Google Will Love You For It

I could find a ton more. I actually did but there is no reason to continue. You get the idea. Anyway, I’ve already saturated this blog with the word “ultimate”. Google will disavow this blog post because of perceived key stuffing.

Don’t misunderstand, if you are going to compete with content marketing you’ll need to up your game with these types of posts. I use them as well when it makes sense.

It likely won’t be long before Google releases another animal update and indicates that this type of content marketing is wrong. But until then make sure you add the year, parenthesis, numbered lists and of course our favorite descriptive word in your blog posts.

Your competitor will, that’s for sure.