Here is my final ClickFunnels review. So, after going through the One Funnel Away ClickFunnel Challenge I did like 90% of the folks going through the training and did nothing with it.

I just couldn’t be motivated to drop $97 on a product that I could replicate quite easily on my own with Divi or any other webpage builder for that matter.

Still I will suggest that the OFA marketing training is very robust for $100. That is the one thing that this ClickFunnels review should emphasive. It was really excellent even if you have no interest in the product.

Is ClickFunnels a Cult?

ClickFunnels as a marketing concern is kind of creepy. It feels like a cult. I have no doubt that is what they were going for. A cult-like following spends A LOT of money.

It’s unfair to suggest that the company simply brainwashes people into their sphere of influence. The product is perfectly fine. It works and a lot of people make a lot of money using it.

But the thing is I find it it over-priced. It’s sort of set up like network marketing deal. The affiliate program is incredible. If you can get people onto the program the commissions are monthly and pay out half the cost. And let’s not even mention the up-sells on the backend. Thousands of dollars in commissions.

ClickFunnels For Affiliates is Incredible, But Flawed

That affiliate payout is great for affiliates. Not so great for consumers. You are essentially paying extra so everyone can get a taste of the fee. 

You can get something like Leadpages for half the monthly cost that does essentially the same thing for your marketing efforts. 

There are tons of share funnels that are simply set up for people to start their own affiliate marketing program with ClickFunnels. Just click on the funnel import and it populates into your ClickFunnel account. Of course, there are affiliate offers all over the place on these things. Everybody getting their taste.

Without question it is one of the most lucrative affiliate marketing programs on the web. 

Going through the OFA training the amount of people wanting to be an affiliate was crazy.

Sure, there were a number of people setting up their funnels for the courses or services which is fine. By the way, does everyone want to be a coach or coarse creator now? It’s stupid how many of these are being built.

Internet marketing is getting incredibly competitive. Everyone is chasing around all the new ideas. In the last 6 months it’s amazing how many people are promoting how to teach a course. Or promoting a course they built.

I don’t have time to sit down and write 1,000 words into this stupid blog that nobody reads, much less sit down and go through some course that likely sucks ass.

But I digress. This is what ClickFunnel OFA training was servicing for the most part. 

Freebies and Email

Everyone hustling around trying to bribe people with free goodies on the way into their newly built funnel. PDFs, free consultation, free books, you name it.

It’s insane what it takes to get people’s attention these days. All just to get people on their email list. 

Ah yes the email list. THE most important aspect of you business, bar none. Without it there is no way you will have a chance at convincing people of your service or product.

Purposely I signed up on an email sequence for learning how to write an ebook. I was curious to see how this would go. Funnel hacking, as it were.

Funnel Hacking

The OFA training was very precise in that you one should check out other funnels. The marketer may not have used ClickFunnels for their funnel but a lot of knowledge can be gained from “hacking” them. 

I entered the funnel through a free offer that I never bothered looking at, which is what happens to all the crap people give away for free, right?

Over the next week I was sent email after email describing the value of ebooks, what they can provide your customers, how easy they are to create, how much to charge, etc. And of course she had a tasty little course for $97 teaching you the whole process.

Pretty groovy. I wouldn’t buy that shit but I bet she got plenty of people on her email list. The offers will never stop until I press ‘unsubscribe’. 

She’ll make $10K or so from the ebook. In the mean time she’ll start working on her next piece of crap to market to her list. Also we’ll likely see periodic offers for whatever affiliate programs she’s pimping. 

It’s pretty great actually and good for her. 

I, for one, despise the whole process. How or why people buy the shit they do is beyond me sometimes. I’ve never had an inclination to try to push this crap on people. It’s why I’m an awful Internet Marketer.

I’m not willing to play the game that is required. The OFA training in ClickFunnels just illuminated my disinterest in the game that must be played. This ClickFunnels review hopefully reveals my inadequacies but perhaps show the reader that the product can be valuable to them.

ClickFunnels May Be Good Tech But You Still Need Traffic

All of this technology like ClickFunnels is great. But at the end of the day you have to have traffic. Amazingly that was the weakest part of the OFA training.

There are basically two ways to get traffic. Pay for it or earn it. They both almost exclusively require social media these days. Of course Google SEO is always an option if you are inclined to play that game to get a notice. But it’s the toughest and most boring.

So you are left with Solo Ads or Facebook ads for the most part. Yet another skill you must use to promote you shit through funnels. It’s maddening if you choose to pay

To earn the traffic you turn to social media and forums. I despise social media. The thought of having to build a customer base through Facebook Groups would make me ill.

I gave up Twitter 4 years ago and have never looked back. I abhor that platform and everything it does.

YouTube is alright. It can certainly be used to learn stuff and be entertained. If I wasn’t such a curmudgeon introvert I’d likely create a channel or two.

Podcasts are great too.

So anyway, I have veered way off the topic of my ClickFunnels review and my lack of interest in joining the club.

Bright Internet marketers are making a killing with this thing. I have no idea if people do well promoting their services and courses and stuff.  I suspect some do or just turn the whole thing over to a funnel agency.

But for affiliate marketing the riches are there. Just follow along with them and you could do just fine. If that’s your bag, don’t re-invent the wheel. Heck join the affiliate bootcamp for $100 and let them teach you how to sell the product and keep the party going.

Therein lies the end of my ClickFunnels review. It’s not for me. It might be for you. Plenty of people love the product. Lots of people are making a ton of money promoting it to the unwashed masses. Get some.