Building an email list is a must.

You’ve heard this. We all know this. I just don’t care much for it.

Ten years ago it was simple enough to build a blog and make money. It was easy to compete in Google before all their animal algorithm changes. Panda was the killer that destroyed a lot of bloggers. Myself included. Luckily I was able to collect enough checks to do some meaningful things.

If I had been building an email list all along I would still be in business today. As it was, I simply waited for search engine drive-bys and collected money for clicks or purchases of affiliate offers. It was so easy.

Today, an effort must be made to make money with your blogs. It is not a game for the lazy.

Many would say building an email list is easy. These are people who weren’t affiliate marketing through the ’00s. That was easy.

The game today is very competitive. Trying to rank for meaningful keywords in Google require 1-5,000 word tomes. It is utterly ridiculous. 

The only way to stay in front of Google is to have an email list. They have no control over that part of the game. Obviously, you still have the problem of getting traffic to your email signup. But if you can figure that out through thousand-word keyword articles or through your social media status or paying for it, you will be in great shape.

So what is the point of building an email list?

To sell shit.

Every marketer on the web wants to make money selling some affiliate program or service or their product.

Pinterest is polluted with pins that link to landing pages desperate to collect an email address. It is actually an amazing way to build your list organically. I don’t now why but Pinterest is the mecca of people looking to solve their pain point. Make a good looking weight loss pin, link to a landing page and you will forever get to pitch them with offers for flat belly and keto nonsense affiliate offers. It’s beautiful.

I have signed up for quite a large number of marketing emails through the years and most are annoying. There are only a couple that I have ever found to have any value.

The reason they do have value is they aren’t part of the web marketing game. Heck, they are basically old-school newsletters. Those are the best. No hard pitches. Ever. Nonetheless, my email was collected from the marketing game.

The best email marketing lists work hard at exposing your pain point. Weight loss, make money online, stocks, crypto, internet marketing, etc. These are the annoying emails that try to help you achieve something, but not quite, and get you to buy their offer that will fix your pain.

I hate the process. I’ve always hated it. But you know what? It works.

Building an email list that is 1,000, 5,000, 10,000 strong will guarantee that you will have a willing audience to sell your crap to.

Let’s say you are promoting a package that nets you $50. You blast out your email with the offer to 1,000 people. You’ll be lucky if 100 people open that thing. You’ll be lucky still if 5 people click on the offer. 3 people out of 1,000 buy your crap and you’ve made $150. Not too shabby.

A well-crafted email will pinch and pull on that pain point. It’s far easier to pitch your email list than hoping organic traffic will bring in the buyers.

The only thing that is possibly better is pay-per-click. But that costs money. An email can be gotten by a simple drive-by that sees your free crap and signs up to get it.

Want to really energize building an email list then use pay-per-click to drive targeted traffic to your email sign up. That is the holy grail.

How Do You Build an Email List?

Here is the process.

  • Create a freebie. Offer some garbage that you know has no value selling but you can trick someone into wanting.
  • If they sign up for this thing then they have to give you their email address.
  • They enter the funnel via a sign-up form.
  • You capture their email.
  • The garbage is sent to them.

Congratulations, you have now captured their email address forever.

Yea, sure, they can opt-out but no one ever does. Now you can write them meaningful tips and try to get them to send you money every few emails. Easy.

The free offers are hilarious. I’ve signed up for numerous ones and pretty much all are junk.

I guarantee that my email is far more valuable to them than their stupid little handy tip pdf is to me.

But that is the game, no?

I can promise you that as much as I despise the process that I am actively building an email list on my niche blogs. Hypocrisy at its best.

I know that competing in Google is just about impossible. It takes far too long to get any traction. It’s a long tail game, man. If organic traffic is your deal then you are reliant on Google’s deviant tyranny. I’ll try to create rankable content but it’s not the only thing I’ll rely on.

I’m building an email list too.

Go Ahead and Annoy Your Visitors

I can remember when putting pop-ups and sliders and floaters and all that nonsense on your website was verboten. But times changed and the big guru sites deemed it worthwhile after all.

When people visit the website they are quickly greeted with an offering box and plea to give them an email address.

If they manage to dodge that then they will certainly be offered a chance to drop the email later on in the content. When they leave they will certainly be hit with an exit opportunity to offer up an email address.

It’s all in the game.

Blogspot has a handy guide to help annoy your visitors with multiple opportunities to collect their email.

There are tons of tools and builders that help facilitate the annoyance.

Email Resources

If I was smart I would build up a tasty little resource pdf and offer it to the three people who read this post in exchange for their email. But since I don’t give a crap I’ll list out a few resources that I have found useful. Of course that is in addition to the handy Blogspot annoyance link above.

If you are a beginner and like to read those long annoying 5,000-word posts that scream, PLEASE RANK ME IN GOOGLE, then this one could be handy.

Not to be outdone by their list above of how to collect emails, Blogspot gives you 29 ways to grow your email list. You understand that Google likes lists and numbers when ranking this crap, right? Enjoy the content marketing.

Quicksprout, whatever the hell that is, gives you a handy guide for building an email list. Their massively long article with lists and relevant year, is properly arranged for Google ranking inclusion. They have pretty photos and all kinds of steps to help you collect emails in style.

I could never write anything as succingtly as these guides. So instead of wasting my time trying to explain all this email marketing crap to you I’m happy to simply give them a link off my pile of blog junk.

I don’t do even half of the crap these posts suggest doing. A simple landing page with an offer is all I do. I give them a pdf as thanks. Every couple of days I’ll send out an email via the autoresponder.

I guess it could be more difficult but it doesn’t have to be. It’s not like I’m running a million dollar site. I’m happy to collect 10 new emails a week. Whatever. I’m pretty lame about it. Lot’s of people are ruling this game with building an email list.

I implore you to build an email list. I don’t find it as enjoyable being both consumer as well as a marketer who knows what the game is about. However, building an email list is going to be the road to riches.