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I don’t care for the “Big 3” American sports. I get absolutely no pleasure in watching baseball or basketball, professional or amateur. I do not watch any football, professional or amateur, except the team that represents the post-secondary institution that I graduated from, the University of Alabama.

The Alabama Crimson Tide won a thrilling overtime victory against the Georgia Bulldogs and claimed the NCAA National Championship for football excellence for the 17th time.

Alabama Football Dynasty

As a boy I remember “Bear” Bryant’s championship teams of 1978 and 1979. As a young man I remember lean years leading up to a 1992 championship team. I remember many more unfortunate years culminating with the hiring of Nick Saban and subsequent championships five times.

This has been quite a dynasty. One that will one day end abruptly but one the Capstone faithful can enjoy for at least a few more years under Saban’s genius coaching. He may be getting older but he indicates no intention of slowing down quite yet.

Georgia almost made it two championship game loses in as many years for the Tide.

Saban knew something had to change at halftime. He benched Hurts and sent Tua out to hopefully sling the ball around the field with efficiency.

Obviously the gamble worked. Tua threw for three touchdown including the bomb to win the thing in OT.

It’s incredible to think that running back Najee Harris, who was instrumental in setting up the Tide with good field position to tie the game, is a freshman. Tua is obviously a freshman. He threw the game winning TD to a freshman. Tua was making passes to two other incredible WR freshmen, Ruggs and Jeudy. I’d say the future is bright.

The only issue is going to be who ends up as QB1 into the spring and next fall. All season fans kept wondering about Hurts inability to throw the ball and Tua’s obvious ability to do just that.

Both of these guys are incredible young men. Each is classy and team players. However, only one is going to get the start. Hurts has incredible running ability yet can’t throw the ball. Tua can throw the ball and is not that much behind Hurts in running the ball.

Is The Upside Tua?

What does that mean for Hurts? I would hate to lose either one of these guys but you just have to figure that one of them will be a transfer by next fall.

Who can realistically see either sitting on the bench for their next two years of eligibility?

My best case scenario after hearing the Tide signed Tua was that he’d get a redshirt and Hurts would improve so much that he’d go pro after his junior year. That would at least give Hurts three years behind center and Tua at least two and maybe three assuming he didn’t go pro early.

Now the Tide has another quarterback battle.

I think it’s likely that Tua is QB1 in the fall. Hurts may stick around for another year and compete for the job but ultimately and unfortunately he may be yet another QB transfer for the Tide.

I really like both these guys. The class they have and the respect they show each other, their teammates and to the program is really inspiring.

How this unfolds over the next nine months will be interesting.