Must Read – About This Website

WTF is Lost Ball in High Weeds

If you happen to stumble into this website you are likely going to wonder what the fuck is going on. Indeed, I often wonder what is going on in here as well.

I saunter back and forth in even wanting to deliver content into this joyless soup of letters.

You may find that I have an unceasing need to describe this realm as the “web sewer”. I am, in fact, a web sewer magician. I create carefully placed words and sling them into the web sewer. That is my shtick. I build websites that nobody cares much about, deliver traffic to said properties and hope to get a click or commission for their trouble. When the site grows enough I offload them into someone else’s garbage heap.

Sometimes it works. Oft-times it does not. I make enough bank for the trouble. I do not and cannot quit my corporate struggles from the effort.

I do not respect the process enough to make it into a giant email spewing, course delivering or product creation enterprise. I do not want to be responsible for other people’s success or failure. If one would choose to click an ad and be directed to another person’s game then I am happy to oblige and wash my hands of the whole affair.

So basically I’m going to write some crap about building niche sites for monetary glory. I will also be inclined to review websites, products and services that I find fabulous or egregious, mostly as it pertains to making money online. I will harbor little respect for the process of the gurus/goobers (= guberus) who separate people from their money in the hopes that their online scheme will make others rich.

Be it known that some products, courses and services can make one money if one chooses to work hard. Most people want something easy and free. As such there is plenty of garbage out there because bloggers the world over have learned this hardened guberu lesson about building a blog, collecting email from some shit free product and hammering the list with offers. As for my scheme, I will review, critique and ridicule. I will link to items that make me money if you choose to unravel the cash from your wallet.

If you want to check out that madness then great. If not, then great.


In an effort to entertain myself and give myself an outlet for the words that collect in my head I am going to write about cultural things like movies and TV shows. Like the best among the lazy tribe I find it necessary to waste time staring into the 16:9 box sitting at the end of my cavernous lounge area. I will, from time to time, discuss what has been blazed into my retinas.

Again if that is not your jam then you should necessarily find another outlet to ease your boredom. If you want to know what I think of movies that has been released months prior that I finally got around to watching then this is the place for you my friend. I also watch too much cable and streaming entertainment and will of course discuss what I see in those areas as well. Sometimes. Shit, I’m too lazy to really do too much in reviewing your basic Hollywood garbage.


Let it be known to the suckwads at the FTC that I do indeed link to what is lovingly referred to as affiliate programs. If you, the hapless visitor, chooses to click a link then I hope very much to collect money from said click. If you click a link there is a very good chance that you will in fact buy the crap that was linked to. Human nature is just stupid that way. Internet marketing, nay, propaganda is very good at coercing you into buying stuff that you don’t need or will be disappointed in purchasing. But you will do it anyway. This is just a notice that it will happen and to comply with fucking government regulations of which I’m sure without which we could never survive. As such you will likely find a similar diatribe at the end of every post in which I pimp some good or service.

As for the soulless assholes in the EU and complying with GDPR I am simply not collecting shit from anybody. I will not be collecting emails for a list or to send you a birthday card. Yes, I suppose your IP will be recorded because I use security products to keep your ass from hacking this refuse. You do not have to log in to this place. I do not collect any personal information. In fact I strongly suspect I will have comments turned the fuck off just to keep people from saying mean things to the proprietor of this establishment.