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I think I know where all this millennial whining about a free college education comes from. I blame soccer. Communities insisted that their precious 5 year-old snowflakes not get their feelings hurt when they didn’t didn’t win a trophy so they gave one to all. There were no winners or losers. Just participants. And this was the youngsters initiation into the collective. A place that was safe and non-competitive. Where you never had to work hard to achieve anything because everything would be given to you.

Many broke through the collective safe zone onto the courts and gridirons across the country where real competition claimed winners and losers. Just as society dictates in the real world. The rest remained in their bubble believing society would always come through for them. Because didn’t they always get a prize for just being?

Is it any wonder, that this generation is at the vanguard of believing that a free college education is their right? A right which has no basis in the Constitution, by the way.

I do not see how the taxes I pay must continue to be routed to education. The property taxes I pay, which render true OWNERSHIP of a home mute, is collected every year for just such a purpose. If a youngster wants to go to college then he should go. But it should be precious enough to him that he will do whatever it takes to get there. Not grade 13 of partying and debauchery on my dime.

Society has decided education to be of utmost importance and provided by the government. Nothing I can do about that. I personally participate in homeschooling my children. The only free option.

Look, college is expensive. Blame the schools and government. Blame the idiots spending 60K on an education that could be taken for far less.

I went to two years of junior college. Then I transferred to a senior school. The degree I received from UofA from two years worth of continued study is not in any way diminished because I have an associate degree from a community college. In fact, it’s cheaper. My two years at UofA is the same as your 4 years. It was just cheaper.

Regardless, I am not interested in putting anyone through college but my own kids. It means enough to me that I pay for their privilege. If getting a college degree means enough to a millennial then they should pay for it.

Colleges can suck on the blame as much as the millennials. To force me and those that have come after me to take coursework in humanities, arts and other subjects that has no basis in my chosen field of study is asinine and a waste of time and money. If you want well-rounded people then do the freaking job in high school. Let the college be a training ground.

But no, these greasy headed liberal hippy instructors with nothing to offer society but a stupid course in “Artistic Inspiration of Climate Change” would be just more unemployed unfortunates lumbering through society without these insipid courses. Like many institutions in this country colleges and universities are on a downward trajectory. The smart, driven and motivated kids do not need college these days anyway. There are so many fantastic on-line course opportunities to learn. Critical thinking isn’t taught in college these days anyway. You aren’t taught to think. You’re taught to learn. A difference.

I have never been asked about my degree in job interviews. Not once. Never about grades. Never about coursework. It was always about here is the job, here is how to do it, make it happen. In the real world you make it happen or you get fired.

My wonderfully smart daughter finished with a 4.0, summa cum laude, fraternity worthy, degree. I was impressed. Proud. She was proud. She has also been to job interviews. Nobody cares about her degree or GPA. Sure, they assume she has a degree but they’ve never talked about college. Her experience that relates directly to the job is what they care about.

So people need to get over this idea that college is where the line begins. And they damn sure need to get over asking somebody else to pay for that experience.