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People have asked what’s the deal with the blog and why are you just dropping links on Facebook? Well, in short, I loathe Facebook.

When you make a post, click a like, write a comment or do a search on Facebook you are contributing to one of the most egregious privacy destruction apparatus’s that man has created.

I can just about guarantee that Facebook knows more about you than just about anyone in your life. When you like a political post, post about a movie, let the world know you’re eating sushi at Chin’s restaraunt, post a photo from your travels…it is all a data point that Facebook uses to market you.

Try it out. Like a page on Tom Hanks and see if you don’t see advertisements for his latest movie show up in your newsfeed. It is eerily creepy. Facebook collects billions in ad revenue thanks to you.

Facebook is one of the best government surveillance systems on the planet. The CIA, FBI and NSA among other alphabet soups could not have developed a better mass surveillance system if they tried.

Oh, I know, you don’t have anything to hide so what does it matter? Your privacy matters. People are perfectly cool in allowing a faceless algorithm know every detail about their lives but I imagine would not be happy if investigator Joe came up and told you he knew what you had for dinner last night, where you go to church and how you spent Labor Day. But it’s fine if Facebook knows right?

I also do not care to create something for a company without compensation. Every piece of content you create is money in the pocket for Facebook and Zuckerburg. Your creativity is not rewarded. Oh, well, unless you feel well-compensated by “Likes”. That is the carrot Facebook gives content creators on their platform. An ability to have people validate their creation. A “like”.

Now most marketers are hip to this and create a tease that links to their website. That is what I do when I post something to Facebook. A title. A blurb. A link. If you’re curious go have a look. But I’m not creating it for Facebook.

I have a facebook. It’s my blog/website. I’m happy to share ideas, opinions, photos and videos. It’s my self-indulgent corner of the web sewer. But the effort benefits my blog. I don’t provide any of the content for Facebook’s benefit.

True, it can be said that the surveillance state can just as easily swipe data from my blog as they can Facebook. The difference is that they won’t be tracking me based on my history of social interaction. It’s not like I tip off the authorities if I post photos of a trip to Canada. They already know because my Passport hit the system the minute the border patrol took it from me.

But this is not so much about the surveillance state. This is about not enriching Facebook with my information. This is about doing as much as I can to control my privacy. This is about not being tracked by a corporate leech. This is about not being monetized. This is about my data not being sold to other entities.

It’s the principal of privacy.

When I can post a video on Facebook and share in the revenue that they receive from my creative effort then perhaps things will look different. As it is I will never (again) post a photo or video onto Facebook’s platform. I will post it to my blog, something I own, and let Facebook have a taste via a link, back to my site.

Facebook says they collect all this data because they want to make the experience of your visit to their site more satisfying. They say it is all anonymized. I’m sure that is true to a large extent but I don’t believe that’s all there is to it. And then, you know, state surveillance.

The list is quite exhaustive of what Facebook knows about you. For instance, they know your bank, if you own a debit card, if you are carrying a balance on your credit card, number of credit lines. What medications you buy. What purchases you make. Etc., etc. It is unreal the information they collect, keep and sell.

Sadly nobody cares.

I feel the same way about Twitter and Google. I pretty much quit Twitter two years ago. It was a tough decision but once I had kicked it I never looked back.

Google is a problem. I use Gmail. I post videos to YouTube.

I control what Google knows about me by not using their search. There are anonymity search engines just as adept at returning meaningful results. StartPage. DuckDuckGo. They don’t target your search with ads or keep a history of what you searched.

Gmail. Simplest email on the web. Exactly what I want in web mail. Trouble is they don’t even pretend to keep your email private. They are willing participants in the NSA surveillance programs. Would I send anything of value through Gmail? Nope. But It is fine enough to receive newsletters and such. But I just assume it is being surveilled.

There are tons of hacks that I use on my browser to keep myself private as well. I just don’t have time to run through the all in this post. But a few that use are Privacy Badger, uBlock, Disconnect and the like.

I’m simply tired of being a data point for these big corporate entities that collude with the government to destroy your privacy and ultimately your liberty.